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Nothing to do with me whatsoever - other than through making a purchase or two - but there are several really useful and worthwhile items of organ music on ebay at the moment including bundles of Howells (complete psalm preludes and rhapsodies) Whitlock, Bach, Karg-Elert, Leighton, Rheinberger, etc etc last verse arrangements, lots of Oecumuse publications - sorry, my memory fails me! Worth a look with a search on 'classical organ sheet music' especially on behalf of pupils etc. If you find the first 'bundle' and then search on 'seller's other items, that should be a helpful way forward. I've gone for some Paul Edwards - I always find his compositions worthwhile - and several, to my mind, are really distinguished.

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12 hours ago, pwhodges said:

Ooh, the (pre-Prout) Vincent Novello edition of Messiah!  I used to have a copy of that...


LOL - didn't we all - in fact, I think I still have one - and, he hesitates to add, it hasn't been used since the first time I played 'cello continuo in 'Messiah' at the age of about 13 when I didn't really understand what a Recitative was and had to look at a score to try and work out how the conductor was going to deal with it!! As I say, I was about 13!!!

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