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Regrettable news from Courtefontaine, which I found on Facebook this morning which read simply:

"Bernard Aubertin will cease his business on December 31 2022"
[Source: Facebook post on "Bernard Aubertin , Facteur d'Orgues, Maître d'Art", posted 24/10/2022]

I don't know if M. Aubertin has a website which confirms or denies this but it is unfortunate news. Presumably he is retiring: his monument will be the organs he has built both in the UK (Aberdeen University and the church at Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire to name but two) and alsewhere which will serve as a lasting tribute to him.


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Oh, really sad new, I had the chance  visiting him a few years ago very spontaneuous in his beautiful surrounding, at the end I did stay soooo long. Anything about the reasons? In the meantime I also get to know a few instruments  in germany, beginning with this small one:


Then Dorchester was his last one? What will happen with his workshop and buildings (with so much own work)?

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