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I was near Tibberton, not from Worcester, yesterday and visited the beautiful church of St Peter ad Vincula to see if there was an organ in the building.


There is and a quite unusual one in my view. It's a single manual of short compass, no pedals and with stops at 8', 4' and 2'. There was no-one around so I couldn't play it but shall contact the church and return. The pipes are protected behind wire mesh in the wooden case and this I imagine is an addition made later, perhaps when the organ was taken to the church as it's the sort of instrument that might have been in a house at one time.

I took some photographs and links to some of them are below. I didn't have a sufficiently wide angle lens with me to take a full length view in the restricted space and a shadow from the lens was thrown by the on-camera flash.


Maker's Plate



General View

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Ah yes. I should have thought of that. I've taken a crop from the centre of the original RAW image and had a fiddle around in Photoshop and linked it. 

It gives the name of the ladies who donated it to the church but not of the organ's origin. The dates don't give much of a clue unfortunately.


Brass Plate


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