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Quint 5.1/3

Guest Andrew Butler

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Coincidence! - design details of the Nigel Church organ were mulled over at some length before final layout/spec. etc. were agreed upon and  I was lucky enough to be around at the time - my former piano teacher and for (many years) choirmaster was then organist at All S's. I liked it then though have not heard or played it for about 10 years.



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I have always wanted to have one stop connected to a trap door in the pulpit. Like many things in this life I never managed to do, this is one of them.




Co-incidentally, during the homily a couple of weeks ago, I drew-up plans for such a device to be fitted to our own pulpit - and if we get another diatribe like the last one, I am going to submit the drawings for a quote.... *he muttered darkly*.



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