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Shoes For Pedalling

Vox Humana

What sort of organ shoes do you use?  

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  1. 1. What sort of organ shoes do you use?

    • Organmaster (or similar)
    • Leather sole, leather heel
    • Leather sole, rubber heel
    • Rubber sole, rubber heel
    • Other
    • None

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When John Scott Whiteley arrived in Neuenfelde to record there for 21st Century Bach, he surprised me when opening the back of his car:

Two boxes with about ten pairs of organ shoes!

So for him the poll would have to be adapted to allow clicking EVERY button :lol:

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Guest Lee Blick

Perhaps he uses a different pair for a particular musical period. Or some special shoes if he is playing Liszt, or high heels if performing a selection from the Wizard of Oz. :lol:

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I generally use slippers at home. I don't find playing in socks that easy, partly because of the lack of heel but mainly because I kep stubbing my toes on the black notes and it's painful! Though the triple pedalling at the end of Guillemant I is easier with the extra flexion afforded in socks. When buying shoes I try to find ones with as thin a sole as possible that doesn't look so thin it will fall apart. Increasingly difficult as soles seem to be getting thicker. But I don't carry organ shoes with me and so expect that if I find myself playing somewhere, I should expect to play in whatever shoes I'm wearing. I prefer rubber soles and heels - indeed the one organ playing pair of shoes I once bought I don't care for much as the leather sole is too slippery for me. But they are incredibly lightweight. Weight, and thinness of sole is for me paramount.

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