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Hi all.


Just found this photo on the website of the Norwegian territory of Jan Mayen which, for anyone who has no idea where it is, is located 950km West of Oslo and 600km North of Iceland.




Anyway, you ever seen a cloud with this (or any odder) shape? Photo taken by one of the crew on Jan Mayen.





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Guest Roffensis

No, never seen a cloud like this, but I have played a organ with a Cloud stop, also one with "Mixtur Cloudetta", which was actually quite hazy in tone, and seemed to waft around the church.


I must see if I can find any pictures of Waterfalls, this could open up a whole new world for us poor organists, imagine all those Worcester pipes going over Niagra falls, imagine the delight of us all............. :D:blink: and look, in the distance getting closer, isn't that Canterbury? S-U-R-R-E-A-L!!



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