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The Life And Work Of Ernest M. Skinner

Jonathan Thorne

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There is not many available about E-M Skinner. I would take it even without knowing. He himself wrote two little books -two must-have-. I have one of the two "The modern organ" (re-edition by the organ litterature foundation, Braintree, Mass). There are some very interesting articles from Jonathan Ambrosino on his website.

Best wishes,

Pierre Lauwers.

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Another very worthwhile book - one that might well be read in conjunction with the latter part of the "The Life and Work of Ernest M. Skinner" - is "The American Classic Organ: A History in Letters" by Dr Charles Callahan (pub. The Organ Historical Society, 1990). It covers the period 1924 to 1956, and not only shows how the dispute between Skinner and Donald Harrison developed over the years, but also shows clearly the positions taken by Henry Willis III and Senator Emerson Richards. Quite illuminating.



Malcolm F

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