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Divided Pedals And Nave Consoles


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Guest paul@trinitymusic.karoo.co.uk
Ugh.  I wasn't aware that Church organs had to be so large.  Gross.


  - N



Dear Nathan,

the views you express here are so completely the antithesis of those propounded very regularly by your compatriot Steve C. Bournias (a former contributor to this web forum) that the mere reading of them brings pleasure. To think that several of us originally suspected your name to be just another of Steve's attempts at 'getting back on' after he was banned from the site....! I hereby publicly apologise for ever having held such unworthy suspicions.


Returning to your comment: You may, of course be right. We have a saying over here

'more money than sense'

which you will be pleased to hear is not a comment often levelled by us at Americans (even if they seem to be notably better off as regards organ-spending than we are) but generally at places/people over here that are

1. financially better endowed than ourselves

2. able to do whatever they want as a consequence.


The saddest organs, for me as a player are the ones where after so-called improvement, that elusive rare character has gone. There will never be prizes for leaving things alone, but how many times would that have been a more sensible course of action?! Some organists (I'm afraid) have left a succession of such organs behind them. I could name names .......

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