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Guest Roffensis

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I doubt it, last I heard of her she had a terrible accident when Mavis caught her trying to tend a split leather gusset. She disappeared without trace once her bloomers got caught in the wind control valve. Edna von Klinkerhoffen used to turn pages by pushing her chest against the music, leaving her hands free. It used to leave red raw marks.




There are horrendous reports from my good friend Eartha van Klitt, of certain American lady-organists who could play a Fanfare on the Bombarde manual, and an atonal "brust-kluster" on the Solo Organ, all without the aid of couplers!


Talk about a "Double D coppula!"


Big girls, those American ladies; like small elephants on tip-toe.





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Guest paul@trinitymusic.karoo.co.uk
I often use either my left or right hand, it depends. Which do others think best for page turning?





Sorry to be so boring as to return from this virtual feast of double entendres to the actual question! Once a pain in the a*** (correction: ache in the undercarriage!) always a p in the a.


I go for left hand.... this has the chief advantage of allowing the music to continue uninterrupted because the Pedals can still cover the bass. I have been doing this so long now that even having a few bars off (like in a Schubler Prelude) still doesn't make my right hand feel like doing this task instead!


Mind you, a tame page-turner is terribly useful. Only after I have launched into some would-be impressive voluntary do I sometimes remember that I haven't turned over the corners of any pages, chaos is only a few bars away and it's too late to attract the attention of anyone with more than half a brain unless I scream. I'm sure lots of you already do this, but I learned from watching the late Alan Harverson that the best plan is only to turn over the corners of alternate pages, this way the sheets do not hook themselves together but rather stand gently apart!


My eyesight isn't good enough, or I might be tempted occasionally to do what I've seen some famous names do, viz paste small copies of each page onto a large sheet so that no turn (or turner) is required.

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