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Mander Organs
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Trinity College, Cambridge

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Thank you for the inside information about Nottingham, Philip. I do apologise if my enthusiasm for the new combinations at Trinity Cambridge (unintentionally) implied a criticism of the music programme at Nottingham (or at Oundle); I hear nothing but good things about it.  No doubt the Marcussen is difficult to work with as you describe in detail, not least because of its position in the building. 
I did mean it when I said that the Marcusen was an interesting comparison to the recently-enhanced Metzler at Trinity; as a generation of organists we inherit a stock of often excellent but difficult instruments from the late twentieth century and I don't blame anyone for finding a creative solution to their custodianship.  My intention was to express support for Trinity's approach of making their great but difficult organ viable for perhaps another decade or so.

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