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Audio File: Variations On An Original Theme

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Last spring on another board I co-sponsored a Variations contest - I submitted the theme, and participants were asked to write up to 3 variations on it. The winning variation net the writer a modest prize of $200 US, and I compiled the best 10 variations (along with my opening harmonization of the theme) into a completed work. Many of these composers had never written for the organ before, and they had a lot of fun with the project. I thought you all might enjoy hearing the result:




and a low-quality version for those still on a dial-up modem:



This was so much fun, that I and my co-conspiritors are going to sponsor another competition in the near future - I'm thinking about it even now...


We're also thinking of making the next competition open on more than one forum or email list - I'd love to do it here also if Manders has no objection.





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