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Guest Cynic

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Guest paul@trinitymusic.karoo.co.uk

Making room for yet more wonderful organ bits (I'm rescuing a complete 60's organ very soon) I have carried out a bit of a stock-take and I still have quite a few more blowers (mostly small and in silencer cabinets) and pedalboards than I expect to need. I also have two spare consoles. One is basic and a bit tatty - 2 x 56 note manuals and about twenty stop tabs. The other is elegant, compact, well-made, solid oak incl. roll top, 2 x 61 ivory keyboards and nearly 40 stopkeys. It is was made by Comptons c.1950 with (amongst other things) adjustable pistons - not many but enough.


If anyone dreams of making their own practice baby, you couldn't have a more convenient starting point.


I'm considering putting the Compton console on e-bay but the rest... well, frankly, anyone sufficiently keen could take them away for a token amount*. Needn't reply via the forum, you can e-mail me direct or use the PM button. If anyone knows of anyone not a member of this forum who might be able to use such things, I would be most grateful if the word could be passed on.


*I should be full of the Christmas Spirit and say that anything received will go to a well-known charity, but frankly, now our builders have finally cleared off whatever little I make will have to go direct to my bank manager.

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