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First Experience Of A Gern

Guest Cremona

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Guest Cremona

I had the pleasure of playing for a carol service at a local church in the sticks on Sunday last. The service was wonderfully simple, the people welcoming, and the atmosphere heart-warming. There were candles everywhere, even on the candle holders on the organ. Ahh - now to the organ; and 1877 Gern with just two manuals and pedals, and my goodness, what an organ! There was nothing above 4 pitch - a French-style console, 29 note pedalboard. The stops were engraved in English, but you had to play in French. This minute organ coped easily with 160 bodies. The quality of each stop was quite superb, from the Open Diapason (Montre) which had a slightly hard edge to it, which was easily tempered by adding the Stopped Diapason (actually a chubby chimney flute) - to the soaring and melodic Flute Harmonique, and the edgy Oboe. I am utterly astounded with this organ, with so much colour within 11 stops. I think I got more of a buzz from playing this organ and experiencing the warmth of the wonderful congreation than some of the monsters I have played. This is definitely an organ I will try and play more often. Has anyone else had experiences of Gern's instruments? If anyone wants the stoplist, email me and I'll send photos etc.

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