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Things That Really Annoy You

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Guest Barry Williams
There is however a 'reharmonised' version that gives four part haromny - i forget what book it is in, but it was rather good


It is number 86 in 'Hymns and Songs' the 1969 supplement to The Methodist Hymn Book, published by the Methodist Publishing House. I suspect that Dr Francis Westbrook did this version. The harmonies are more or less the same as the original, but set out for four part choir.


Barry Williams

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Needlessly interrupted voluntaries:


How about choir members who start talking during the voluntary?

Or clergy who suddenly realise they have forgotten an "important" announcement and shout "stop for just a minute Peter!" over the PA system while they remind people that Thursday's bingo has been cancelled?

Ot future brides and brides mothers who gawp and then try to talk to you during a quiet passage?

Or, once, a nun who tried to start a conversation....


Yes, it's all happened to me!




When I took on my present appointment some ten years ago, there had been a "tradition" of getting out the vacuum cleaner immediately at the end of the Sunday morning service, and using it to clean the chancel carpet which lies right behind the organ console. Of course, as far as they were concerned, the service had finished as soon as the final hymn was over i.e. the cleaning took place during the organ voluntary. Now what comment this made on my predecessor's choice of music (nor, indeed, his performance of the same!) I don't know, but it was a tradition I ended rather rapidly with a few choice words! :blink:

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