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  1. Mark, thanks for remembering my interest! I am still interested but have 2 recitals planned for early next year neither of which will be featuring Ad Nos as I am unsure of my capability at the moment! I have the Nicholas Kynaston recording - anybody else have that one?






    Which Kynaston recording ? There are two, (1) on the RAH (dating from the 1960s) and the other at Ingolstadt (from about 20 years later - cannot be more specific at the moment as most of my CDs are packed in boxes pending moving house.) I have both recordings although I have a preference for the former which is on LP, never having been reissued on CD as far as I am aware. In fact I have three different recordings of the Ad Nos at the RAH by (in order of recording) Nicolas Kynaston, Jennifer Bate and Gillian Weir. There must be distinct possibilities there for a comparative listening test for anyone with the time to undertake it since the players recorded at different stages in their respective careers and the organ was likewise caught at 3 stages of its evolution.



    Good luck with your preparation. If you ever get to the stage of recording it let me know and I will buy a copy for my collection.


    Brian Childs

  2. IThe final recording of it is "Organ Music from Cambridge No. 3" from Grosvenor Records, GRS 1007.  It was recorded by Richard Marlow shortly before the organ was taken down.  The Franck B minor chorale and Howells's D flat Rhapsody come off very well in this recording; the Bach "Jig" fugue is played very "fluty" and the music is accompanied by an awful lot of clattering from the pneumatic motors.



    However the pedal reed in the Whitlock Fanfare is quite loud enough to mask most of it !!

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