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    • Thank you to everyone who posted and helped out! Delighted to say I’ve managed to acquire a copy from a very generous source. Thank you all once again.
    • We visited a cathedral 'darn sarf' last year and were pleased to see that they didn't demand anything.  Instead, they politely asked if anyone would like to contribute and suggested a suitable amount.  From what I could see, everyone coughed up without question.  Even I paid up perfectly willingly despite being, like you Tony, a 'tight-fisted Yorkshireman'!  (Sorry.) Needless to say, I thought it far more friendly to do things that way than demand a set admission fee and I wonder whether the overall income might be higher when asking politely.  'Demanding' certainly rubs up many people the wrong way, myself included.
    • In case I didn’t make it clear, the recital I sponsored was not at Coventry.  I have no idea what cathedrals or concert halls (like the Bridgwater Hall) might charge for the use of their organ for a commercial recording - presumably a one-off payment in lieu of royalties?  We must not stray too far from York, which was the subject here leading to discussion of admission charges, but it does highlight a problem for other cathedrals as well.
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