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  1. 18 hours ago, Stanley Monkhouse said:

    Where will organists of the future come from? Some of you are hopeful. Well, given who you are and where you come from, you would say that, wouldn’t you! I’m less sanguine that the attraction of cathedral life will draw musicians from a self-employed career. And remember that in music degrees these days, classical music, harmony, counterpoint etc have been displaced to a variable extent by electronic and computer work, so you can’t assume students will be exposed to much classical choral stuff, if any.

    On a positive note - the organist training programme run out of Leeds Cathedral under David Pipe seems to be doing tremendously well.  To the extent where they have added additional teachers into the programme.

  2. Hello David - Only slightly related to your topic, but you should read "Grand Obsessions" if you haven't already. A great read based on a true story that has more than a twist related to tuning temperaments (I don't want to spoil it for you).

  3. Thanks for the additional comments and observations, and good luck Andrew with your studies and preparation.  For me the journey to the diploma is the most important part, I want to become a better organist and I am very much enjoying the process.  I had already seen the video which gives an excellent and rather daunting insight into what's required.

  4. Thank you all - I shall sign-up at the beginning of April since this effectively gives me 15 months membership for the price of 12.  Agreed also with your observation Colin although I would want to be further ahead than I am now with aural preparation to get the best value from a session with Simon.

  5. First thread I've started - please be gentle!  Last year I set a goal of achieving the ARCO diploma over the next few years.  It is a bit of a slow burn being in my early 40s with a busy job and a young family, however with the support of a first-class Cathedral organist I am making progress with my playing.  I am practicing the other keyboard tests, although one area that fills me with dread is the aural!  I was wondering to what extent the RCO resources would provide me with some practice tests and other resources to help me improve my aural in preparation for this?  I am reluctant to join the RCO only to find minimal useful resources in this respect.

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