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  1. Hello, I'd like to join the discussion about surround vs. stereo, which occurs in this thread. I'm also a producer/engineer at AEOLUS, like Christoph. We experience that the surround recordings are able to capture much more detail in terms of natural sound colours as well as three-dimensional sound stage/image. As we always aim to capture this in the best possible way (also in stereo - of course!) it should be obvious that we are very happy that surround sound provides much more potential here. You don't need to record a three-dimensional performance ("Fernwerk") in order to benefit from this technique, it's better for all sound sources. However, as we are discussing organ music here: An organ in a reverberant church comes close to a three-dimensional perfomance, and to record this in stereo is always a challenge... But the bottom line is: 5.1 / 5.0 surround just sounds better in every respect (provided the recording has been done carefully, which should always be the case, regardless it's stereo or surround...). @Paul: I don't see a consistent user-community for commercial three-dimensional recordings in the way of 2+2+2 (or similar). So I think this part of the discussion is not so interesting for record labels. Regards, Ulrich
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