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  1. PGD was, for us, a hugely inspirational teacher when at Brighton College in the mid 50s. His musical appreciation classes were a delightful trip into the world of Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn and others and his organ improvisations always inspired. As one of his organ students along with John Pemberton and John Dillistone, I was privileged to turn pages for BBC recordings at the Temple Church of the Reubke and, I fancy, the Liszt As Nos. His opening of the latter was extremely thrilling, memorable now over 60 years later and I have never heard bettered. He had a way of visualising and presenting an entire piece as a work of art rather than a succession of sounds or movements. His flare for the cinema organ undoubtedly coloured and enhanced his classical performances too. I have heard many fine players in my time but, at his best, I have yet to hear better.
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