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  1. This is exactly the reason I'm asking, I live in Birchanger and have first hand experience. A very good friend of mine who's a far better organist than me played for a wedding when I couldn't do it. Within an hour of the wedding finishing (he lives 45 minutes drive away!) I received an email describing the organ as a little gem, it was just like climbing in to a Paris organ loft. To say he was excited was an understatement! The strings are quite definitely French in sound, and the voicing of the trombone adds a Fench reed rasp to the pedal section that makes full organ sound really won
  2. Can anyone shed some light on the history of Auguste Gern? As I understand things, he was works superintendent for Cavaille Coll, he came to UK to work on some CC commissions, then the Franco Prussian war broke out and, being a descendant of Berlin, he couldn't return home, nor could he return to France to work, so he stayed in the UK and set up his own organ works. I would appreciate any pointers on where I could find further information about Gern, and books or studies etc. that are published about him. I've tried Googling him and not a lot turns up. Many thanks in advance for a
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