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  1. With reference to Fiffaro's "Litanies, in the rapid descending chord passage that most of us take hands crossed", where exactly does that passage occur, please? It seems not obvious to me at this early stage of working on the piece.
  2. As a slow learner, I offer thanks for the posts on the double flats in the Vivacissimo - Declamato bar of Litanies. I seek help about apparent ambiguities on the second-to-last page of Litanies in the Leduc edition of 1939 (&c). In the fourth system, in the right hand chord with A flat at the top, is the C natural? In the next R.H. chord with G natural at the top, is the B natural? In the next R.H. chord is the A natural? [ie. do accidentals for one hand not apply to the other here?] By the way, what about the Gs in the left hand in the first bar of the second page of the Leduc edition? Is G flat really intended here, unlike in the previous bar?
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