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  1. To Robert Bowles : PM sent ! Thank you !
  2. Thanks a lot, Vox Humana and SL, for your detailed advices and links. Now, I'm going to place the order ! PS : to SL : from Paris, not so much charm as Charente, isn't :-) ?
  3. Good afternoon ! I am from France and looking for an English hymn book ; the purpose is to use to train for very basic harmony and very very basic hymn extemporization. In the ideal, it would have the following features : - simple 4 parts harmony ; - if possible on 3 staves ; - rather complete, and indicating also the traditional name of the music (as St Anne, etc.). Would anybody be kind enough to tell me : - which hymnal could suit the best ; - where (website) I could order it ? Thanks a lot for your help.
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