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  1. Hi all, I stumbled across this thread while researching my family history as Joseph Halmshaw was my Great Great Great Grandfather and the founder of Halmshaw and Sons, Organ builders of Birmingham. Joseph (then a joiner) and 3 of his sons, John, William and Henry had earlier moved from Dewsbury to Birmingham and set up their factory in their home at 367 Coventry Road, where they can be found in the 1851 census. Son William was an Organ Pipe maker. When Joseph died in 1864 John took over and after his death Henry took over and took on John Compton as an apprentice. Henry retired due to ill health around 1911 and died shortly afterwards. It is assumed that the factory (by then it had moved to a new location) closed at the beginning of WWI due to conscription of all the workers. I have much fuller details, though still far from complete, if anyone wishes to know more.
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