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St.peter's R.c. Church, Cardiff

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Some months ago, forum member Peter Clark extended an invitation to fellow members for them to visit St.Peter's and try the new Spath organ. Three of us went down on Monday and this note is

1. to remind everyone that this invitation was given

2. to report that we found the instrument to be really excellent and well worth the visit.


Obviously we were all jealous as well! For a church to be simply given a brand-new organ costing 300k+, to have the benefit of a spacious west gallery position just standing ready and for the church acoustic to be excellent too.....life can be too kind to others, can't it?!


If one wanted to find fault with the organ, there were a few things that struck us as not necessarily to UK taste - the very wide pedalboard, the rather deep touch and the anything-but-shy manual III Cromorne, but taken all in all, this instrument sounds very well indeed, is clearly both well designed as well as musically voiced and with a most resourceful specification. The choruses sparkle, tone everywhere is firm and regular, the large Swell division sounds extremely well at all volume levels....in short, I can't wait to play it again.

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