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From The Moderator: Forum Pms - Automatic E-mail Notification

Guest Geoff McMahon

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Guest Geoff McMahon

Hello everyone,


It looks as if the new server, to which the Mander Organs web site and forum was migrated early in February, does not yet have PHPMail enabled, which means that:


* PMs sent from one participant to another on this forum do transmit/arrive normally; but

* the automatic e-mail notification that the forum software would normally send to your

private e-mail address to let you know that you have a PM does not, at the moment, get sent.


So, until PHPMail is enabled on the new server (which should not take long) and the automatic e-mail notification function restored, it might be a good idea to make a point of checking your inbox from time to time to see if you have any messages from other forum participants.



Rachel Mawhood

Webmaster, Mander Organs

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