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Stops At 2 2/3 Pitch In Great Organ Choruses

Guest Voix Mystique

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Guest Voix Mystique

I know of a number of organs with stops at 2 2/3 pitch - surprise, surprise. I have sometimes thought - as other members of this forum have also observed - that a Nasard is usually too fluty to work in a Diapason Chorus, but a Twelfth doesn't usually work well with anything. Could a good compromise be suggested for where only one such stop can be accommodated? I notice the GO of the new Worcester organ has both a Twelfth and a Nasard... sadly, for many organs, this cannot be. Could a 2 2/3 Gemshorn Quint be a good idea, perhaps? Not too fluty, but not incapable of blending with the flutes...

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