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Hungarian Romantic Organ Music


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On another thread, we were discussing organ being built to-day. Checking out a few URL's, I came across something quite interesting from Hungary.


There was a composer by the name of Ferenc Kutor, who seems to have quite a large opus list, including Operas and things. However, he also wrote the sort of music we so readily dismiss to-day: music for organ or harmonium.


Now unless the name happened to be Guilmant or Lemmens, most of this sort of music is rubbish, but not in this case. It seems to me that for anyone who wants to play "good" music which isn't too difficult or too long, Ferenc Kutor wrote some very worthy music.


But don't take my word for it, because you can listen for yourselves and measure your response to it. There are many, many pieces to download, all of good recording quality on what seems to be a Hungarian romantic organ, with those bright flues and robust reeds I mentioned elsewhere. Organ-builder Josef Angster perhaps?


The second URL is an improvisation on another Hungarian organo, for your delectation.







Improvisation - Hungarian organ




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