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Ireland in A and St. Luke's, Chelsea

David Drinkell

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I've always reckoned Ireland in F sounded better sung by trebles only than by full choir (the Mag and Nunc anyway). Ireland in A is a new publication - it would also make a good trebles-only service, but I'd still put it up a bit!

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John Belcher's 'The Organs of Chester Cathedral' gives the following information:


Whiteley incorporated parts of 22 stops in the new organ "but most were eventually replaced".


Gray & Davison's 1895 work (costing 600 pounds) included the substitution or transposition of the Great Gamba, Solo Orchestral Oboe and Pedal Mixture.


Hills' kept most of the flue-work and revoiced it - it's always easier to revoice in a Romantic direction because you cut off pipelengths, cut up mouths and deepen nicks - and added a new Large Open and Octave to the Great and Open Diapason (metal) 16 and Double Open (wood) 32 to the Pedal. All the reeds were new. The Choir Organ was moved from the case on the screen (which now houses a Rood and attendant figures) to its present position in the south quire arcade.


Thank you, David.


So - half a Hill, then.

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