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Fhw Organ In Victoria Hall, Exeter


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I have just been perusing the NPOR, and have discovered that there is (or appears to be) an untouched FHW four-clavier instrument in Exeter. The building is named Victoria Hall. A brief search of the internet suggests that various films are shown and talks take place in this venue, suggesting that the building is still standing. However, there is no mention of an organ.


The NPOR details do not give the usual 'organ destroyed or broken-up' phrase; however, the date of the (only) survey is given as 1940, and the City of Exeter suffered extensive aerial bombardment during 1942. I can find no record of a building with the name Victoria Hall being amongst those damaged or destroyed.


If anyone does know anything about this instrument, I include the following URL for the NPOR details:




There is just a slim possibility that this organ still exists, although I rather doubt this. Surely someone would know of its existence and details would be more widely publicised.


Notwithstanding, the scheme looks to be a good one - even though a few ranks are listed as prepared-for, only.

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How on earth did I miss that?



I did read it carefully - honest!


Now there I was, getting all excited at the thought of a long-forgotten FHW in Exeter....


Thank you anyway, Pierre!


Dare I suggest something?


Have it reconstituted.

The specification is a good example of Willis

concision and troughoutness.

Remember Bach copied Grigny's music; likewise, anybody

wishing to design organs should hand-copy Willis specs,

especially the little to medium ones. There are at least

as much "lessons" to be learnt there as in the whole



Best wishes,


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