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Hommage to Dupre


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It's quite some time since I wrote about Eastern Europe and Hungary in particular.

Since then, I have discovered so much more....organs, performers and some splendid music.


One piece which hit me between the eyes (ears?) recently is an unashamed pastiche of Dupre, but so good in its own rights as to qualify as a fabulous organ-work and recital piece Not only that, being avalable on Youtube, it shows off the magnificent "French" sounds of the Josef Agster organ at Pecs (pronounced Pesh) cathedral, Hungary. (Angster had worked with Cavaille-Coll at Ste Supice)


The work, composed and performed by Szilard Kovacs, uses all the techniques of the Dupre "Variation on a noel", but the underlying theme is a Hungarian Christmas Carol.

Be careful with the volume control....... :)






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