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'Electric Organ and Testimonials' - Robert Hope-Jones's personal scrapbook

Colin Pykett

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Some while ago I mentioned the discovery of a large scrapbook compiled personally by Robert Hope-Jones which he had entitled 'Electric Organ and Testimonials'. It consists mainly of contemporary press cuttings relating to his work in Britain in the 1890s, many of which are annotated in his hand with pithy comments which are fascinating and often amusing with today's hindsight. The book came to light when it was gifted a few years ago to the Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust in Manchester, and since then they have compiled a smaller book of edited highlights which is now available for purchase. This work has been undertaken by Roger C Fisher. The book can be ordered from the Trust's website at http://www.ltot.org.uk/page20.htm


If this seems like an advertisement, I might mention that I have no connection with the LTOT beyond an interest in their work over many years, and certainly no financial involvement of any kind with them in general or this book in particular. However, having purchased it recently and been enthralled, I thought it might be worth bringing it to the notice of members of this forum.



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