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  1. I am just consulting the board to see if there are any recommended arrangements/transcriptions of the famous Charpentier Te Deum "Prelude" for Organ & Trumpet. It's for a wedding and at the moment I can only find extremely "simplified" versions for early grade exams and the like. Plus - are there any obvious "gotchas" that are possible when performing organ & trumpet music (only practice opportunity will on the morning before the service), like tuning problems? In particular, is this a difficult piece for a trumpeter to play? I really have no idea as usually I just pull out the trumpet
  2. Dear MM; I can't believe that no mention has been made in this discussion of Patents! The back catalogue of GB patent specifications at least back to the 1910s can be searched online. This is a search for the applicant 'compton organs' for example; it yields some interesting stuff. To can also specify by inventor, date, patent classifier, etc... http://v3.espacenet.com/searchResults?book...amp;EC=&IC= Because of the requirements for sufficiency in composing a patent specification, these documents might represent the best disclosures of how John Compton's technology worked now t
  3. See this article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...nclerics213.xml This suggests the use of 'smart water' on lead church roofs. Would it be suitable to paint/mist onto metal pipes as well?
  4. Directly relevant to that comment is an interesting (if repetitive) book called 'The Long Tail*'. The idea is simple; Retail space is expensive. Most conventional retailers can only profitably stock the few 'hit' items in their particular genre. This forms the high peak of a curve. There will be less popular items that tail off after this curve to infinity, but it would not be possible for shops to stock these items; they would sell too slowly. A typical internet venture (such as itunes) can have a very complete back-catalogue at a vanishingly small real cost (In the case of itunes, simply
  5. FYI: There is a good, well balanced comment piece by Richard Morrison about this story in this month's BBC music magazine (November). BBC don't publish this online, but probably worth a flick next time you are near a news stand. Regards, David.
  6. This has just been on BBC Radio Bristol: Statement regarding recent events concerning St Stephen's Choir: Author: David Lucas. BEGINS: The remaining choir are relieved that the sensitive issues relating to the change in format of Sunday Services at St Stephen's, Bristol are now being discussed openly. A time of healing and reconciliation will be required. To aid this, the original ebay auction advertisement will be withdrawn at midnight today. Canon Tim Higgins is a consummate theologian and has revitalised the weekday activities of the church impressively. We support hi
  7. What you need is a medium focus, high power strobed red laser. About 10 Hz.
  8. Thought it might be topical! With water lapping at Tewkesbury Abbey, and both the Grove and Milton Organs floor-standing...
  9. Indeed, but the HCH 'harmonics of 32' isn't meant to be anything like the real thing, in isolation. It should be blended into the rest of the pedal chorus.
  10. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/s...icle1499849.ece A little bit like the Dallam mechanical organ that went to Turkey?
  11. If you follow the url back, the same site has a large series of similiar stuff, a lot admittedly instrumental but useful to be able to access all the same. How fascinating....this appears to the the score of Bruhn's "Mein Hertz ist bereit", for organ, violin, and bass voice. http://www.lysator.liu.se/~tuben/scores/br...tz/mhertzsc.pdf "This cantata is the only preserved music by Bruhns, who was known as a virtuoso on both the violin and organ, which features a solo violin part. He was known to be able to play the bass line on the organ with his feet while playing multiple stops o
  12. Hi there, I'd like to begin looking at some bits of this collection of Arias (Hexachordum Apollinis), by Pachelbel. The question is, can anyone recommend a good CD recording? I thought I would share the link to the sheet music, for what it's worth. It seems to be 'non commercial copying welcome' so enjoy! http://www.lysator.liu.se/~tuben/scores/phexap/ Regards, David.
  13. I almost agree with the point above. The future of the organ is now entwined in the negociations with the new operators and the charities commission, and there is little that we can do to influence them. Everyone will recall that the original post was about emailing the charity commissioners to register a private interest. It was not about starting a heated argument. The deadline has now long passed. I'm not sure how seriously they take the representations, but it did offer an opportunity for individuals to do something positive, and to get a message to those people "in authority" who wil
  14. Today I received the following email on the BDOA mailing list. Apologies to the originator for copying this here, but in view of the proximity to the "statutory deadline", the fact that this hasn't been posted here before, and with respect for the intentions of the originator, I thought this should go up. Fully aware of the 'gnashing of teeth' the Ally Pally subject has caused in the past, I would just like to state that I am fully independent of the affair, have no vested interest, and that this is for information only. Perhaps a few emails from this board to the charities commi
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