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  1. delighted that this ha happened. Sad that it was necessary.
  2. It was published by S&B as no 13 in their Organ Library ed Stanford in 1908 - runs to 7 landscape pages. I have a copy if that helps. M
  3. I had the opportunity to play the Sei Gregusset variations at the RFH using the registrations given by RD in his 1958 Pye recording. Sounded much the same to me.
  4. More info, including full specification on the Abbey website at http://www.buckfast.org.uk/music-237-organs.html Two 32 reeds but no 32 flue...
  5. They ran short of money and decided to reduce the music dept from a 'full' cathedral set up to Weekends only plus children during the week. In the process they made six lay clerks and the Assistant DoM redundant (at Xmas 2013) This term, for reasons that have not been disclosed, Richard Moorhouse, the DoM, is no longer currently listed on the music web pages and an acting DoM (Jonathan Biely) appears to be in charge.
  6. I hear Stephen Bullamore is moving from St Mary=le-Tower Ipswich to St Mary's Newark - but keeping up his North Herts connections
  7. http://www.die-orgelseite.de/disp/D_Waldsassen_Stiftsbasilika.htm - 3 divs & pedal at west end the rest at the east end including bells, whistles and all.
  8. Saxon Aldred always described these as 'pentatones' - ie a pipe making five pitches so presumably 2 were used to create B down to D??
  9. This topic was discussed a few years ago here: http://mander-organs...6-new-hymnbook/ and the concensus was CP. For what it's worth we've just bought CP to replace AMNS plus HON plus NEH (on occasion). It's currently available with a 30% grant rather than the usual 25% mgp
  10. Finale of Sonata 1 Mendelssohn.
  11. mgp

    Team Effort

    Some years ago Kevin Bowyer played Riff-Raff at Oundle with two registrants. It was abundantly clear that KB had planned registrations in a way that used the registrants in a measured (and visually interesting) way. They rightly got applause at the end but seems to me that KB made it possible by thinking out what they did and how it would look over TV screens. the result was visually and musically stretching - surely a good result??
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