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  1. delighted that this ha happened. Sad that it was necessary.
  2. It was published by S&B as no 13 in their Organ Library ed Stanford in 1908 - runs to 7 landscape pages. I have a copy if that helps. M
  3. Tuners Book at Bristol Cathedral is entitled 'The Lamentations of Mark and Paul'.
  4. I had the opportunity to play the Sei Gregusset variations at the RFH using the registrations given by RD in his 1958 Pye recording. Sounded much the same to me.
  5. The Ad in C Times says "to join the existing team of Organist, Sub-Organist & Organ Scholar" so presumably no-one is leaving.
  6. More info, including full specification on the Abbey website at http://www.buckfast.org.uk/music-237-organs.html Two 32 reeds but no 32 flue...
  7. I was working in Norwich when all said pipework and (promise of) cash arrived circa 1999. There was little doubt but that it came from St Peter ad V in the Tower and the Royal Household respectively. The reluctance to start then was explained as a need to sort out the (admittedly true) poor state of some of the stonework. At the time the cathedral was a magnificent shade of green due to extensive damp in many parts of the building. The electronic arrived soon afterwards.......
  8. And there's this http://www.amazon.fr/Emile-Bourdon-1884-1974-Organiste-compositeur/dp/2914614500 by Dr Louis SAUVÉ Président de l’Association Emile-Bourdon
  9. I imagine innate is referring to "Bach's CIII The Making of a Print" by Gregory Butler. In this Butler contends that the prelude was engraved by Johann Krugner as part of the later additions when JSB decided to expand the collection during its creation. Though there is no detailed discussion, he does also contend that the first 18 plates had corrections engraved on to them (p81). If so it seems like JSB was happy with the slurs as printed, which leaves us with the puzzle of what he meant .....
  10. Robustness/resilience/durability were high on the design criteria, not a desire to pioneer for pioneering sake. As the article is in an IBO newsletter article I don't feel it right for me to publish it. Doubtless your local friendly Organ Builder has a copy and can share. As a former computer hardware/software designer/engineer I have to say that I can't see anything in what has been done that would cause any real concern - unless you believe that the sort of logic/circuitry that permeates your car, your heating system, your oven, your 40 yr old calculator etc etc is so full of new fangled gizmos that it must be inherently unreliable. (I should also point out that my day job involves an organ with a key and stop action that was 'breadboarded' 44 years ago which is still going strong today).
  11. There is an article about the wireless system used at Lord Mayor's Chapel, Bristol in the Dec 2014 IBO Newsletter. The design is based on a lifecycle of 30 yrs plus.
  12. Though without the two extended interludes featuring the fleetly footed tuba - they do appear in the single sheet version.
  13. mgp

    Credo settings

    Howells Coll:Reg. Other would be VW in g but its unaccompanied & in Latin...
  14. Anthony Herschel Hill FRCO is alive and composing (and he looks uncannily like his forbear). Not sure where it came from, but I have a copy of 'Science & Music in 18thC Bath' A.J.Turner (Univ of Bath 1977) designed to go with an exhibition in the Holborne of Menstrie Museum, Bath in the autumn of 1977 This is based on Herschel's life and is richly illustrated. According to this, he is the Herschel referred to by Philip above. I'm not aware of any modern editions (and there's nothing on IMSLP) but Anthony may well have something.
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