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  1. Copeman Hart have a new website and also ernest hart has posted a message about the the recent take over http://www.copemanhart.co.uk/
  2. Some year's ago i played for a Nine lessons and carols service at my local church at the the time and the lights were turned off and i finished my improvisation and gave the note for once in royal. the first verse went ok (just a treble singing on his own) but I when i came in for the second verse no body in the choir was singing! I kept going but then the choir mistress panic'd and started to sing from the start of the verse ! I kept going and finished the verse and waited till the choir mistress finished then came in with verse three.
  3. O, just found this while using Google.... -------------------------------------------- Taking stock: The first sixty years by Humphrey Clucas 192 pages ISBN 0-95504470-0-5 The author of these memoirs spent the last ten years of his working life as a Lay Vicar of Westminster Abbey; he sang at Princess Diana’s funeral and gives an insider’s account of the events surrounding the dismissal of Martin Neary, Organist and Master of the Choristers, in 1998. He writes, too, about his time as a choral scholar of King’s College, Cambridge, and with the choirs of Winchester and Guildford Cathedrals. His chapter on composing explains the genesis of his well-known Responses. He has also been a poet, translator and the author of a book on A E Houseman. He taught English for twenty-seven years and has a life-long love of cricket. He writes with peerception and humour about a great number of people. He writes, as he says, to preserve things - and to try and make sense of it all. This fascinating book will be available from mid-October. To order, please send a cheque for £9.99 (made out to HUMPHREY CLUCAS) to: The Lewin Press 19 Norman Road Sutton Surrey SM1 2TB
  4. glad to see ronald you got your pc fixed. where is the best place to get the book? Amazon ?
  5. It774x

    Allan Wicks

    So all agreed Alan was a superb player. Their is a generation missing out alan's recordings! To hear the pre-mander (sorry) organ at canterbury again cleaned up is a must!
  6. It774x

    Allan Wicks

    One of first organ records was CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL 0RGAN SHOWPIECES Ace or Diamonds (M3 499) the Widor Allegro from symphony vi is still the best performance i have ever heard. Lets start a campaign to get alan's recordings transfered to cd. I have the orginal record but do not have a record deck any more.
  7. I think british organ builders(for the most) make the best consoles.
  8. In reply a the original comment the condition of the Notre Dame console. it looked poorly construction. the quality of woodwork was poor. the stop jabs are not straight , the keyboards look uneven. Compare to Peterbourgh Cathedral's console which i had the chance to play recently the notre dame console looked awfull. But the sound..... superb!
  9. I was shocked recently of the construction of the console of the main organ at notre dame paris on a recent visit. I have been told that french organ builders are not very good at building organ consoles. Anyone with comments?
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