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  1. Last Sunday I played "Recollection" (from New Music for Organ, Book 1) and "Pavilioned in Splendour" (from Festival Finales). Both albums from Kevin Mayhew. Both very attractive pieces, and not overly difficult.
  2. Bear in mind the organ won't only be used for leading services, but also for teaching, study and concerts. To the best of our knowledge this will be the first installation of its kind in any religious building in Oxbridge.
  3. Not yet finally confirmed, but probably Hereford (Willis), Caen St Etienne (C-C), Haarlem St Bavo (Müller), Friesach (Eisenbarth)....
  4. Emmanual URC has recently closed, and the building was sold to Pembroke College. I *think* I'm right in saying that Pembroke are retaining the organ, and using that space to rehearse their new girls choir. The Emmanuel congregation has merged with that of the church formerly known as St Columba's. Over the last year the latter building has been completely gutted and rebuilt, and is now known as Downing Place URC. There are now two joint DoMs (one from each former congregation), and the Minister is also an organist. They are all very excited about the arrival of their new organ nex
  5. St Peter's Brighton. See here under "Organ": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Peter's_Church,_Brighton#:~:text=St Peter's has a large,and in Hove Town Hall.
  6. Perhaps a "Harmonics of..." like this one? https://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N01917
  7. DHM

    B minor

    Franck Pièce Héroique
  8. Probably the best-known of the very few pieces needing a top F# is the Duruflé Veni Creator Variations, one of which has a Pedal 4ft Flute solo. I don't know the compass required for the Thalben-Ball Pedal Variations, but I'm quite sure somebody else will.
  9. I just heard news of the passing of Lucian Nethsingha, Cathedral Organist at Exeter, 1973-1999. RIP.
  10. And what's wrong with Country & Western music? 🤣 [Ducking and running for cover....]
  11. Church musicians (at least on this side of the Pond) are rarely well-paid. My first appointment, as "Pupil Assistant Organist" as a teenager in 1963, paid the princely sum of £15.0.0 per annum - less the cost of organ lessons!
  12. Not any more, it doesn't - not since v.5 arrived almost a year ago. For anyone wishing to find out more, my post of 15th September here might be helpful: https://www.houndscroft.co.uk/organ-forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=40&start=10
  13. “Ora labora” is awesome. With the text of “Come, labour on” it’s a real tear-jerker - in the very best sense of the word. Its in New English Praise (as is “Corvedale”), and has a fine descant added by Simon Lindley. For the last few years this has been a firm fixture for our final Evensong of the choir year. (“Servant[s], well done!”)
  14. Rochester's Ordination will be live-streamed on Facebook this Saturday, 26th September. https://www.facebook.com/CofERochester
  15. Were you on that trip too?? I certainly remember being there and hearing (all about) the organ - e.g. how the Lord of the Manor's son had allegedly donated it during his final year at Oxford.
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