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  1. DHM

    School choirs and organ suggestions

    Apologies - a “Senior Moment” on my part. It was indeed “Hear my Words”. And that, too, would make an excellent addition to the lists above (for the reason I erroneously quoted). 😀
  2. DHM

    School choirs and organ suggestions

    Martin Cooke's first response (above) mentioned Parry's "Blest Pair of Sirens". This was written for a Diocesan Choirs' Festival (in Salisbury, if I remember correctly), and there is a substantial semi-chorus part (presumably written for the resident cathedral choir) which could be taken by a group of more competent choristers, or even a solo quartet.
  3. DHM

    School choirs and organ suggestions

    A great piece, and as Richard said, "a wonderful bit of word-painting". As Vox Humana will recall, I have often said to choir tour concert audiences "If you don't feel sea-sick by the end of it, we haven't done our job well enough".😁
  4. DHM

    Organ Scholarhips and Conservatoires

    Slightly off the topic title, but an example of how the required standards seem to have changed over the years. I took A-Level Music in 1966. A prerequisite for being entered for A-Level was a Grade 6 practical, which, in turn, required at least Grade 5 Theory. In my first year at a well-regarded Russell Group university our keyboard tests class required the preparation of one Contrapunctus per week from The Art of Fugue (open score and 3 different C clefs) and orchestral score-reading (I particularly remember having to prepare a chunk of Liszt's "Les Preludes"). In my last teaching job in 2006 I had in my A-Level German set a student who was also embarking on A-Level Music. I asked him what they had been doing in the first week of the Lower 6th. He told me proudly "We were working through some Grade 1 (ONE!) theory papers, Sir". I rest my case.
  5. DHM

    St Asaph

    I saw this elsewhere today: http://www.rhyljournal.co.uk/news/16417263.extremely-talented-organists-set-to-lose-their-jobs-amid-financial-woes-at-st-asaph-cathedral/
  6. DHM

    NPOR Down?

    Anybody else having trouble accessing NPOR this morning?
  7. DHM

    Appointments 2

    Jeremy Lloyd, currently Assisting Organist at York Minster, to succeed Claire Innes-Hopkins as Assistant DoM and Sub-Organist at Rochester from September.
  8. DHM

    Appointments 2

    Jon Pilgrim to be Assistant at Brecon. https://www.breconcathedral.org.uk/news/jon-pilgrim-appointed-new-assistant-organist/
  9. DHM

    St. Elizabeth, Wroclaw | Historical reconstruction

    Thanks, Dave. Yes, that is indeed very interesting. This one was about 20+ years later and 6 stops larger than Krzeszow (formerly Grüßau in German), but has lots of similarities.
  10. DHM

    St. Elizabeth, Wroclaw | Historical reconstruction

    Without ploughing through all the Polish-language documents, is there a stoplist anywhere online for this? How might it compare with this other Engler organ? http://www.sonusparadisi.cz/en/organs/germany/krzeszow-poland.html
  11. DHM

    Appointments 2

    From Rochester Cathedral's website today: https://www.rochestercathedral.org/job-vacancy-input/2018/5/24/assistant-director-of-music-and-sub-organist
  12. Yes, I saw that. They had been talking for 2-3 years about getting a temporary "virtual organ" solution, but that conversation had gone quietly recently, and they obviously decided to go down a different route.
  13. DHM

    32' stops in Africa

    See my post above (25 Jan). Apparently one will soon be able to play this one at home using a software program.
  14. DHM

    32' stops in Africa

    JW Walker's Opus 1299 at St Cyprian's Cathedral, Kimberley lists a 32ft Sub-Bourdon.
  15. DHM

    Piston spacing

    A couple of quick questions for the experts: Is there a standard, or recommended, spacing distance between thumb pistons? And should divisional pistons be placed centrally (i.e. should pistons 1 and 8 be equidistant from the left and right-hand ends of the keyboard)? If you wanted extra thumb pistons for "Appel Anches" ventils (Ped, GO, Pos, Rec), where would you put them? Thanks in advance for advice.