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  1. DHM

    St Asaph

    I saw this elsewhere today: http://www.rhyljournal.co.uk/news/16417263.extremely-talented-organists-set-to-lose-their-jobs-amid-financial-woes-at-st-asaph-cathedral/
  2. DHM

    NPOR Down?

    Anybody else having trouble accessing NPOR this morning?
  3. DHM

    Appointments 2

    Jeremy Lloyd, currently Assisting Organist at York Minster, to succeed Claire Innes-Hopkins as Assistant DoM and Sub-Organist at Rochester from September.
  4. DHM

    Appointments 2

    Jon Pilgrim to be Assistant at Brecon. https://www.breconcathedral.org.uk/news/jon-pilgrim-appointed-new-assistant-organist/
  5. DHM

    St. Elizabeth, Wroclaw | Historical reconstruction

    Thanks, Dave. Yes, that is indeed very interesting. This one was about 20+ years later and 6 stops larger than Krzeszow (formerly Grüßau in German), but has lots of similarities.
  6. DHM

    St. Elizabeth, Wroclaw | Historical reconstruction

    Without ploughing through all the Polish-language documents, is there a stoplist anywhere online for this? How might it compare with this other Engler organ? http://www.sonusparadisi.cz/en/organs/germany/krzeszow-poland.html
  7. DHM

    Appointments 2

    From Rochester Cathedral's website today: https://www.rochestercathedral.org/job-vacancy-input/2018/5/24/assistant-director-of-music-and-sub-organist
  8. Yes, I saw that. They had been talking for 2-3 years about getting a temporary "virtual organ" solution, but that conversation had gone quietly recently, and they obviously decided to go down a different route.
  9. DHM

    32' stops in Africa

    See my post above (25 Jan). Apparently one will soon be able to play this one at home using a software program.
  10. DHM

    32' stops in Africa

    JW Walker's Opus 1299 at St Cyprian's Cathedral, Kimberley lists a 32ft Sub-Bourdon.
  11. DHM

    Piston spacing

    A couple of quick questions for the experts: Is there a standard, or recommended, spacing distance between thumb pistons? And should divisional pistons be placed centrally (i.e. should pistons 1 and 8 be equidistant from the left and right-hand ends of the keyboard)? If you wanted extra thumb pistons for "Appel Anches" ventils (Ped, GO, Pos, Rec), where would you put them? Thanks in advance for advice.
  12. DHM

    Pershore Abbey

    Anybody who knows better please correct me if I'm mistaken, but I believe Carlo's former organ (or one of them) is now at Sutton Valence School in Kent.
  13. DHM

    The Lewis At Teddington

    The answer is here: http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N15859.
  14. DHM

    Music desks

    You can also get them at Fletcher & Newman in Borough Green (Kent): http://www.cylex-uk.co.uk/reviews/viewcompanywebsite.aspx?firmaName=h+j+fletcher+%26+newman+ltd&companyId=16193630
  15. It's not even 30 years old, but seems to be redundant. https://www.pipeorgans.eu/en/pipeorgans/Kleuker-Steinmeyer-68-IV-P