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  1. The Lewis At Teddington

    The answer is here: http://www.npor.org.uk/NPORView.html?RI=N15859.
  2. Music desks

    You can also get them at Fletcher & Newman in Borough Green (Kent): http://www.cylex-uk.co.uk/reviews/viewcompanywebsite.aspx?firmaName=h+j+fletcher+%26+newman+ltd&companyId=16193630
  3. It's not even 30 years old, but seems to be redundant. https://www.pipeorgans.eu/en/pipeorgans/Kleuker-Steinmeyer-68-IV-P
  4. Buckfast Abbey

    As one of the choir directors at Rochester I would wholeheartedly second that. He is a brilliant liturgical organist and a pleasure to work with.
  5. Apologies - I obviously missed that.
  6. It has been noted elsewhere that several groups that currently use the church already have confirmed bookings for next year. When is a contract not a contract?
  7. *John* Butt, not David.
  8. https://slippedisc.com/2017/08/bad-faith-national-musicians-church-expels-its-musicians/
  9. Clairons/Clarions breaking back

    Colin and others: Thank you. My education is obviously sadly lacking. Of course I knew that mixtures always broke back at various points, but it had simply never occurred to me that 4ft reeds might do the same. Is this, in fact, a standard practice of which I was hitherto unaware?
  10. Clairons/Clarions breaking back

    And the Tonbridge School organ is of course another Marcussen. I wonder if it's a peculiarly Marcussen thing - or is it really normal practice in mainland Europe?
  11. I recently discovered that the 4ft Clairon on the Bovenwerk of the 1973 Marcussen at the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam breaks back an octave at F4, and I was told that "most clairons do this". Really? Not in the English-speaking organ world, surely?
  12. Appointments 2

    Sachin Gunga (currently ADoM at Wakefield) to succeed Oliver Hancock as Sub-Organist at Portsmouth from January 2018.
  13. Appointments 2

    Edward Turner, currently Organ Scholar at Southwell Minster, to be ADoM at Derby from September. (According to a FB post today from The Choirs of Southwell Minster.)
  14. Messy Church

    I have to confess that, however well-intentioned it is, the term "Messy Church" puts me right off. Whatever happened to "decently and in order"? [Yes, I know, I'm a grumpy old git. ]
  15. Whitlock, Harwood, etc

    Malcolm, Many thanks for this. Yes, I would certainly interested in hearing some of those. Let's talk more if we get a moment after tomorrow's concert.