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  1. The Glens Falls NY Post Star has just released a follow-up article about the destruction of the Queensbury organ. See this link: http://poststar.com/news/local/article_425...1cc4c03286.html
  2. Bert Shapiro, the filmmaker responsible for "The Organistas" and "The Stradivarius of Organs" has asked me to let you know about a special offer for the Christmas season: both videos for just $25.00 US plus $3.50 postage. I own both of these superb videos, have used them for American Guild of Organists meetings, have loaned them to students, and have enjoyed watching them multiple times. This is a perfect holiday gift for yourself -- or the organist in your life! http://www.pheasantseye.com/special-offers...cial-offer.html
  3. I have posted photographs of the organ in Queensbury, NY, which was recently and intentionally destroyed and discussed on this forum. I think the following link will take anyone to them, but I am not certain: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2056...mp;l=abee53ecf1
  4. Thanks for posting the link. The reporter was one of my students almost 40 years ago, so it was good to become reacquainted via the electronic media. I will, however, continue to maintain that the outcome in this situation -- i.e. that the organ would not only be removed, but destroyed -- was determined a couple of years in advance of the organ's destruction. An organ company which would deliberately destroy such an instrument is not a firm of which I can think highly. Furthermore, I do not believe for a moment that 48 ranks of Stinkens and Letourneau pipework will be sent "to a hazard wa
  5. I thought you might be interested in the specification for the now-destroyed DeMarse organ in Queensbury, NY. There were 48 ranks, 36 stops, 2395 pipes. There was no borrowing or unification. The organ was described as "an American organ, with a German accent". HAUPTWERK (754 pipes) Quintadena 16 Prinzipal 8 Rohrflote 8 Oktave 4 Koppelflote 4 Quinte 2 2/3 Superoktave 2 Mixtur V Trompete 8 (mounted horizontally) SCHWELLWERK (691 pipes) Bourdon 8 Gamba 8 Celeste II 8 Prinzipal 4 Spitzflote 4 Waldflote 2 Mixtur IV Dulzian 16 Oboe 8 Tremulant RUCKPOSITIV (638 pipe
  6. Of course, Mr. DeMarse didn't fabricate small metal parts of the action, but he is quite capable of making ANY organ parts that involve woodworking skills. Pipework was by Stinkens, Letourneau, and Organ Supply Industries (larger wooden pipes). The blower, combination action (computer controller and electric solenoids) and small hardware parts were purchased from August Laukuff. Perhaps more telling, however, is the following quotation from the Glens Falls (NY) Post Star: "The removal of the organ was completed last week by Foley-Baker Inc., which will salvage some parts like the blow
  7. That's a pretty outrageous statement. How many organs qualify as "great wonders of the world"? For that matter, how many musical instruments fit into that category? The organ was most assuredly not "unloved" or "unwanted." It's been made clear that another church was prepared to have the organ removed, stored until a space for it was ready, and re-erected in its new home. As to "unloved", consider the 400+ donors who contributed to facilitate its building, the 180 children who bought one pipe each, the 40 volunteers who assisted the builder with several labor intensive tasks. Think
  8. I bring to your attention the new article from the Glens Falls newspaper. And no, I had NOTHING to do with this article. http://poststar.com/news/local/article_a47...1cc4c03286.html
  9. The following post is from the Diocesan Organ Consultant, David Vredenburg. It speaks for itself: "The whole affair is an outrage. The pastor took a personal offense to its builder (and the former director of music of the parish) and vowed to get it "trashed and dumped on the builder's lawn" from the start of this whole process. His mind made up, he proceeded to ignore the evaluations of 5 reputable firms that lauded the instrument highly and side with the one firm he convinced, it seems, to trash it verbally. "He then presented his cooked figures and manipulated facts directly to the
  10. Fact: this was Mr. DeMarse's opus 7; he offered to build the organ free of charge if the church paid the cost of material Fact: about 400 contributors underwrote the cost of this organ; another 180 children each bought one pipe; about 40 volunteers assisted in organ builder as needed Fact: the organ was unfinished at the time of its dedicatory recital, but was later used successfully for a recital as part of an AGO convention, and was in regular use until Mr. DeMarse's tenure as the church music director ended Fact: there was a problem with sagging facade pipes; these pipes had been bu
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