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  1. Audsley (Volume 2, p668), alluding to tightly-fitting swell shutters in a small box, recommends the provision of "a small trunk or conveyance from [the swell box] to some adjoining room" to avoid the effect described above. I believe, however, that Audsley is sometimes regarded as a dilettante, not an expert. On the other hand, I believe I read an account of another organ where, owing to tightly-fitting shutters, the Swell division could not be played without opening the shutters a fraction. I wonder was it Maurice Forsyth-Grant's book? Or perhaps I am imagining it?
  2. pmb

    Leather eyelets

    Thank you for a good explanation. I have seen such pliers on eBay so I will try to get a pair (and suitable leather) to make a decent job. I have read Dominic Gwynn's book "Historic Organ Conservation" where the proper approach is highlighted and the practice of cutting open the eyes specifically condemned!
  3. Dear all, I'm contemplating some restoration work on a small organ (circa 1900 vintage) which I acquired as it was being thrown out. The leather eyelets at the ends of the roller arms are perished. I would prefer to replace like with like but where does one obtain such leather eyelets and how are they inserted? Any wise advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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