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  1. The architects have a number of images of their concept for the converted hall on their website: http://www.architectsle1.co.uk/central-hall-birmingham/ I do hope that they have costed for a proper restoration and not just a cosmetic job on the facade. Also I'm not sure what the intended use of the new hall would be, the drawings suggest more hotel lobby than concert venue. In which case I would be concerned that the 'restored' instrument might have little opportunity for serious use in case it disturbs the guests. Of course they might be invisaging a UK version of Macey's... Are there any precendents for organs in hotels?
  2. Music desks

    Surely the depth of the bottom shelf on which the book stands should also be taken into account. The problem with my home instrument is that this is quite shallow and a hymn book overhangs the front of the shelf, particularly when open near the front or the back. So although the backward slant is fine for keeping most music in place the hymn book still falls off . In my world the bottom of the music desk should be deep enough to hold a hymn book with some other piece of music behind.
  3. Youtube

    It's a lovely little organ with some unique features including regals with wooden resonators and grotesque masks with animated jaws and eys. The organ has its own website which francophones can enjoy https://orguestsavin.wordpress.com/ Pirre-Francois Dub Attenti has posted many fine YouTube videos, he's actually a lawyer and plays organ as a hobby, regularly assisting as a registrant at St Sulpice. There's a video of him playing on Vimeo
  4. BBC Radio 3 Choir & Organ

    Listening to BBC R3's The Choir after Choral Evensong last night, I was interested to hear that the programme has been renamed and is now Choir And Organ. The first Sunday of every month will be dedicated to the organ and its music and I'm looking forward to listening in two weeks time to see what they have in store. It's about time R3 had a programme dedicated to the organ, even if it is only once a month. (Apologies to Nigel Ogden, a late night programme about theatre instruments doesn't count in my book)
  5. Unusual audience member

    One of our local priests has a dog that accompanies hime everywhere, including to services where he sits quietly at the back. Our church also used to have a cat that particularly enjoyed the organ, often sitting on the organ bench next to the organist as well as exploring inside. On one (in)famous occasion she jumped on to the manuals during the final hymn just after full swell had been engaged.
  6. Youtube

    The whole of Gert van Hoef's concert from Victoria Hall, Hanley is now online. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvbLO9fnSoU
  7. Mutation Madness

    According to the klais webiste: "the concept of the choir organ is far from the traditional structure of an organ. Rather, the entire pipework should be considered as a sound pool that can be fully managed by the Generale Console. So each sound can be assigned to each of the seven keyboards of the new console. Besides a wide range of warm foundation stops almost all harmonics within the octave will be individually available. Thus sounds can be assembled which are hitherto unheard of."
  8. The situation has mad the Telegraph and has attrached comment by John Rutter. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/08/14/proms-conductor-row-musicians-church-bans-non-religious-concerts/
  9. Ashley Wagner is no longer organ scholar at St Sepulchres, so I doubt that the website is as up to date as it might have us believe. Ashley left that position last year when he moved to Birmingham where he is studying at Birmingham Conservatoire and is also organ scholar at Birmingham Cathedral. NB the organ came up in a discussion last year. I'm not sure what its current condition is, but if restoration is needed this would now seem unlikely. http://mander-organs-forum.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/4122-most-bizarre-specifications/?p=70955 Sad footnote: I learnt recently that the church where I grew up, spending many years in the choir and falling in love with the organ, got taken over by the happy clappy brigade. The organ is no longer present and is replaced by a projector screen and a baptistry has been dug where the choir stalls once stood.
  10. Servite Priory Fulham

    According to the parish website: "The 12.15pm mass makes use of the beautiful organ - one of the finest instruments in England to create a very special service." D.
  11. Internet Radio

    I'm a big fan of the BBC iPlayer Radio app which I have on my phone. As well as live streaming you can download programmes and listen to them later when you are off-line. I find this useful for catching up on programmes in the car (with the phone connected to the car's audio system) and am very pleased with the quality of the sound. For example, yesterday I listened to the Easter Day Evensong from Norwich and the the final voluntary was Mulet's Carillon Sortie in which the pedal Bass Trombone was clearly defined with the gravitas that one would expect from this stop and at the other end of the sound spectrum the Cymbelstern was also clearly audible.
  12. Peter Collins...end of an era.

    Not too serious for Classic FM though. They are broadcasting its as part of their 25th birthday celebrations on Friday, April 7, from 8pm to 10pm. (The concert was recorded on Saturday, February 25.)
  13. New organ in Hamburg

    More info on the organ from the Elbphilharmonie website: https://www.elbphilharmonie.de/en/worldwide/the-elbphilharmonie-organ/4
  14. New organ in Hamburg

    The Grand Opening concert is being streamed live: https://www.elbphilharmonie.de/en/worldwide