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  1. The same website has some interesting info on the concert hall organ: http://www.orbem.co.uk/bh32/bh32_lg.htm and http://www.orbem.co.uk/bh32/bh32_organ.htm
  2. Fans singing in pictures here were definitely not outdoors. Yet this is considered acceptable?
  3. Very sad news, and I share S_L's sentiment that they will bounce back. However there are some things that insurance can't replace such as plans and drawings and unique hand-made tools that may have been passed down from one builder to the next. I also feel for any church or venue that may have had an organ in their workshop as they will have lost their instrument.
  4. Although logical, I still don't get how a well organised choir taking precautionary measures is to be avoided. Yet you can freely congregate in larger numbers and sing to support your football team?
  5. I have on one occasion improvised with a piece of cork cut from a wine bottle cork. This did the job until the next tuner visit after which he left me a few spares.
  6. Also on the list are: Rick Wakeman who, amongst all his other musical achievements, is also an organist Samuel Thompson - For services to Gaelic Choral Music Robert Yarr - For services to Church Choral Music in Ballinderry Parish Church
  7. The application pack ( https://cvminder.com/cvmdata/documents/35/4079/Director of Music 18May2021 FINAL.pdf ) has much more detail and I am particularly excited by the cathedral's vision statement. It is bold and forward looking as well as maintaining the traditions of the choral liturgy.
  8. Although the limit to 6 singers is guidance, legally any organiser is required to have "taken all reasonable measures to limit the risk of transmission of coronavirus, taking into account ... any guidance issued by the government which is relevant to the gathering." So although not a 'must', you could still get into trouble for not following it if you were not taking other control measures to mitigate the risk. Cathedrals and other places with acres of space can have more than 6 people so long as they follow other distancing precautions. For churches like mine, where space is at a premium, the rule of 6 remains a significant blocker to the resumption of the full choir.
  9. Here's an older version from the same instrument: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnwvAA9tO5I
  10. It was William Lovelady's setting of Psalm 104 that was commissioned for the Duke's 75th Birthday. This was originally a cantata in three movements for larger forces and was abridged and arranged for the funeral by James Vivian. The Britten Jubilate was first published in 1961 when the duke was still in his 30's.
  11. I agree, a very dignified send-off with great choice of music, expertly performed by the small ensemble. It would be nice to hear a recording of all the music played before and after, however it's not unexpected that the TV cameras and commentators followed the 'action' elsewhere. I do hope this arrangement of William Lovelady's setting of Psalm 104 gets published sometime soon.
  12. From the floor plan and photos on RightMove it looks like most of the pipework is in bedroom 2 on the top floor. Also seems that most of it is enclosed - see shutters in the right of the attached photo:
  13. An organist wrestling with a reluctant instrument. I'm sure other members have had similar experiences.
  14. I believe it's taken from Fugue State Films boxed set "A Legend Reborn: The Voice of King’s". I doubt if we'll see any more of the set on YouTube, but you can buy it from their website: https://fuguestatefilms.co.uk/product/the-voice-of-kings-a-legend-reborn/
  15. Interesting film about the KCC organ and it's restoration by Fugue State Films published for the London Organ Day:
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