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  1. From the floor plan and photos on RightMove it looks like most of the pipework is in bedroom 2 on the top floor. Also seems that most of it is enclosed - see shutters in the right of the attached photo:
  2. An organist wrestling with a reluctant instrument. I'm sure other members have had similar experiences.
  3. I believe it's taken from Fugue State Films boxed set "A Legend Reborn: The Voice of King’s". I doubt if we'll see any more of the set on YouTube, but you can buy it from their website: https://fuguestatefilms.co.uk/product/the-voice-of-kings-a-legend-reborn/
  4. Interesting film about the KCC organ and it's restoration by Fugue State Films published for the London Organ Day:
  5. The organ is being rededicated at the 11am Eucharist this Sunday. This will be live-streamed on YouTube. The minster has also posted a video reviewing the project:
  6. H&H have added Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral to their extensive worklist. http://www.harrisonorgans.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Liverpool-Metropolitan-Cathedral-Press-release-for-renovation-of-the-organ.-2021-02-19.pdf
  7. Also a video posted by the church about the restoration:
  8. pcnd5584 has posted a YouTube video of him improvising on the final evening before the organ was dismantled: I hope he returns to this site and can tell us more about the restoration
  9. A quick search on YouTube for 'Organ Recital' with results limited to last week throws up 20 results from UK pipe organs. I have excluded many fine performances from overseas organs and from notable organists playing toasters. The search hasn't included music played in services or anything not labelled as a recital. The list includes cathedrals, larger and smaller parish churches, other churches and colleges. Of course performances my exist on other platforms as well. My point is, that as a result of lockdown, many UK organists are now bringing cameras into their organ lofts and sharing t
  10. On the lighter side, here's a 10-year old giving a tour of an organ. Listen out for his description of the trumpet stop and also (at 2:34) a clear shot of a ratchet swell and horseshoe coupler.
  11. The Architect's Journal have published an interesting article about the design and construction of the new organ loft: https://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/buildings/design-study-caruso-st-john-organ-loft-at-canterbury-cathedral
  12. I agree that people sing less than they used to slightly lower pitches are now considered more comfortable. I've noticed that the melody of a number of modern worship songs goes quite significantly into what I would consider the alto register, and as a tenor I find it more comfortable to sing up the octave. It also occurs to me that many film scores with choirs from the same era also sound quite high pitched (and screechy to my ears). Perhaps that's how tastes have changed over the years.
  13. Found this about problems with air conditioning in the organ chambers. I wonder if it's related? http://www.oaklandgroup.com/case-studies/worcester-cathedral/
  14. Music can be heard in the background of this clip and one the interviewees comments on it.
  15. A little more info is on the St Paul's website: https://www.stpauls.co.uk/worship-music/music/concerts-and-events/sunday-organ-recitals
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