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  1. Prompted by a discussion about contemporary composers on this forum, here is Denis Bédard playing one of his own compositions.
  2. If copyright permits you to have your music on a tablet device, you can now get software that recognises facial gestures to turn the page. ForScore is one of the apps out there but I'm sure there may be others.
  3. I have a fond spot for Gloucester since singing there as visiting chorister when I was quite small. Gloucester have been live-streaming their Sunday services on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DioceseofGloucester/videos All have had some wonderful organ music - I particularly like the little improvisations that fit between the gospel and the sermon. However my favourite begins with 5 1/2 minutes silent contemplation of the organ before it bursts into BWV 542. It's a pity that the audio isn't high definition, but you can't have everything.
  4. For those that missed it last week, Jonathan Scott's recital from the Royal Albert Hall is available on iPlayer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p08n8ns0/bbc-proms-2020-the-symphonic-organ A fantastic instrument (thanks partly to our hosts) played in the way it was intended to be. (Dare I also say that the acoustic in the RAH is enhanced for the lack of a live audience)
  5. I don't usually get excited when organs come up on ebay - usually church organs in poor condition with no assistance offered so would end up costing a lot more than the ebay price. This has piqued by interest although I have no room in my house I hope it goes to a good home. An organ built by our hosts which can be had for a mere £5,500. The cost also includes help from the current owner to dismantle and re-erect it in its new home. Looks like the only additional costs will be the hire of a good sized van and a few well-earned pints for friends providing muscle power. https://www.eba
  6. The announcement doesn't say anything about timing and the monks still have to find a new home. So I don't think there's any danger of them simply walking out this week and leaving an abandoned schurch. Althoughwe have heard nothing yet, I would imagine that the Abbey and the nearby church of St Benedict will come under the jurisdiction of the Clifton diocese. I don't think that the organ will be in any immediate danger so long as the abey doesn't lose its congregation when the monks leave.
  7. I don't doubt that an experienced singer singing an open vowel will create little air movement (although lots of vibrations - see "Concerning Pipes & Sound" thread). However the fricatives which are formed by turbulent airflow in the throat, mouth and lips are more likley to pick up microdroplets of saliva. How singing differs from speech in this respect is as yet unproven by the scientific community. The direction that people should wear masks in enclosed public spaces applies to all, not just singers. We could, perhaps, listen to muffled choirs, but I don't suppose the sound will be
  8. We, the general public, will probaly never know the full reasons why the D&C chose to make the whole music team redundant. It ceratinly feels to me that it is not just musical direction that has led to this decision. Sadly this is not without precedent and there have been other well documented cases of church authorities disbanding groups that didn't fit with their ambition. Why now? Well, the choir won't have sung together since March. Now is the end of the summer term when many choral and organ scholars move on and, depending on set-up, many yonger singers may move on as well. The c
  9. How should a recitalist make an emotional connection with their audience? How can you create a sense of joy? A computer can play a piece perfectly via midi but I wouldn't want to go to a recital given by a computer. Likewise I haven't enjoyed some recitals that were note perfect (to my ears) given by an organist hidden away in an organ loft. One of the challenges for many organs is that the audience don't get to see the performer. Video relay can help but how many venues have a good enough projector to show a sharp bright image on a good sized screen with multiple cameras so you can
  10. Richard McVeigh's channel has been a favourite of mine. He's been keeping very busy, doing a full recital each week on top of three hours of hymn playing every Sunday afternoon. Richard is also very engaging with his audience, talking about the pieces he's playing and other matters relating to the organ (and cats). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkdRXZZXDmLJM6XBnUpIoog/featured
  11. Looking at the diagram referenced above makes me think that with a side console you wouldn't need a roller board to spread the action from the width of the keyboard to the width of the chest, you just have different length track rods to reach from side to side of the chest. Combined with stop knobs above your head acting directly on the sliders, this would give a much simpler action.
  12. ...and without the organist... https://goo.gl/maps/tWjM3LFZeYn8d8ZA7 ...and inside the organ https://goo.gl/maps/cxdaMCJgiwURPHJJ6 A building worth exploring on Google as it seems the camera has been give "access all areas" including behind doors that are normally locked and on the roof.
  13. Just wondering how many church organists & DOMs have been put in furlough? My church furloughed the DOM back in March and he isn't expected to return until public services with hymn singing are approved.
  14. Cathedrals are both tourist attractions and places of worship. Personally I don't have a problem with paying to visit a tourist attraction and, as most cathedrals don't have a separate attraction as Hereford does, a general admission charge is appropriate so long as there is no suggestion of charging to enter for worship or private prayer.
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