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  1. Maybe just for interest. I first came to Bournemouth in 1960. Two years before three of the churches here had their blowers changed to AC. (In one case the old blower was abandoned under a vestry floor). The DC supply had come from Bournemouth Corporation Trolley Bus supply. These ran past each of the churches. A few shop lifts were also supplied. All the working Trolley Buses were, within a few years, sold to Blackpool. The massive blower for the Pavilion Compton is 3 phase 200v AC. When the voltage was altered to the 240v norm. A transformer (still in use) was supplied.
  2. Something has to be special about an instrument for me to take down a spec. Too often, I find, the overall result has little to do with stop names, however in the early 60s I found myself in Brunnen Reform Church in Switzerland. In 1959 Goll (Luzern) built this remarkable little gem: Compass 56/30 Man I Rohrflote 8 Principal 4 Mixture 1 (22,26,29) ManII Nachthorn 4 Octav 2 Krummhorn 8 Pedal Sub Bass 16 Fagot 16 Reversers to Mix and Krum Three couplers by hitch-downs Totally unenclosed of course! In a
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