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  1. This surely must be to do with the sales-driven nature of the digital organ market. Most pipe organ builders I know can see several (in some cases, ten) years ahead and know what work they will be doing. A web presence is a useful way of showing your work, but nobody’s going to be filling their shopping cart or booking a home demonstration as they would with a digital provider.
  2. As this topic seemed to generate quite a few "watchers" I thought it might be worth pointing out that it ends about an hour from now at just after 2310.
  3. Quite a few have 3 phase blowers and lighting.
  4. Hope this breaches no rules. If anyone wants a fairly new unit, there's a good one listed for sale here.
  5. not even at Christmas? (CFC Green p39)
  6. I can't resist posting this. Three Open Diapasons are used; Swell, Choir (Dulciana), Gt no 2, all intermanual couplers. Which keyboard is played depends on the dynamic.
  7. Thank goodness for that. I do this on the manuals on both occasions (loud and soft). Apart from not wanting to wait for 16' stops to speak, I find that the time it takes to move the hand down the keyboard makes for exactly the right amount of playfulness. I tried to persuade one of my organ scholars (who is now a Dr of Music) of this but he wouldn't have it.
  8. Amongst many other things, Bibby provide small business financing and invoice factoring. I've used them myself for a small business with vast cash value of stock in production. Could it be a simple explanation that a small company in a similar position would rely on such a service for cashflow stability?
  9. The basic salary, not including the house, would double my earnings for the past year - which include a major church job, three regular choral societies and about half a dozen occasional ones, concerts, CD sales, rental income on a property, university teaching, organ building and political work. I'd say it was a stupendous salary. I'm glad I don't have your bills!
  10. As Jeremy Clarkson often says - how hard can it be? Yes, tongue in cheek. But think of a disastrous or (at best) misguided rebuild, whether it's a floor-up solution or the addition of one or two ranks. Consider how an authenticity of vision and a consistency between sound, look and engineering would have impacted on what was done, and to what effect. Are there very many instances where this falls down?
  11. Given that an organ is a totally subjective and multi-dimensional thing, I have concluded that this is completely impossible. The attempt by the Lottery board to have a few simple rules about what qualifies for funding and what doesn't proves that. The customers must do the regulation. Every PCC considering major organ work should be made to view a 45-minute training film on the subject they are discussing. Every scheme ever proposed should have Trinitarian aims - to respect the organ as a musical instrument, a piece of furniture and a unified and pure piece of engineering, all rolled t
  12. I'd hope that other areas of the world were proving that factions aren't really the way to go about things. So, get stuck in. Anyone serious about saving the future of ministry will be doing a bit more than hanging fairy lights on the altar front and singing Bind us together. That's exactly what the C of E's current exercises appear to be trying to do away with. My most recent experience of anything calling itself a mission audit involved doubling the number of choral evensongs held each month, since it was clear from the collections that more people came on weeks where a full-blow
  13. Mission Action Plan needn't be about carpets and canned music. I think this is an important misconception to lay to rest. I personally believe it has a lot more to do with an institution tacitly accepting that it went the wrong way in recent years, and devising a realistic and useful strategy for assessing how to enhance its own relevance to the community in all sorts of ways - as bringer of comfort, as place of learning, as concert venue and in terms of hospitality. This is made all the more important in light of the big pointy job up the other end of the high street. An AM congregation o
  14. I think if I've given that impression I've done them a disservice. I did also mention Rutter! There was Stanford in Bb at Evensong this week just gone and some unaccompanied Byrd in the morning. My point was to suggest that the church has a varied diet, including some worship songs, and the organ needs to be approachable enough to attract confident players.
  15. I am, as many know, the sort of chap who foams at the mouth at the sight of a Pozidrive screw. However, I cannot seriously advocate a tenor F Swell, FF/GG Gt and Ch and no pedals as the prime instrument for a city centre church. The choir sings Rutter, the congregation sing Shine Jesus Shine and the organist plays Eric Thiman. I will not win that battle, much as I would love to; they'll get a new ****** instead and chuck it in a skip, which is what has been seriously proposed. So, while it probably is a new situation, it's better than no situation at all to sometimes accept that the b
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