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  1. The organ at Coats Memorial remains in situ. When I left four years ago it remained fully playable with some ongoing regular faults. One of the two main reservoirs was releathered in my time there. The HNB electrics were beginning to fail, mainly evident in the piston system. Some sticky motors as well. The organ suffered from a cold church mid week then 23 degrees on a Sunday, very over heated. I recorded only the second CD in it's history as I left, as previously mentioned. The organ now. Well, the piston system has failed completely. The Gt 16' reed slider has warped as someone untrained went into the organ and used it as a hand hold. That stop is off. It was otherwise 99% playable. It is in major need of a rebuild and new electrics, very doubtful that this will ever happen under new management. There was an offer to buy the organ but this was declined.
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