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  1. If you have a large format tablet, then you could always upload your sheet music to that. I'm not 100% sure on exactly how it works, but I think it works by the tablet recognising a physical signal from you, it could be a nod of the head or something like that, in order for it to turn the page for you, allowing you to keep your hands on the manuals.
  2. A toe tapper from a very famous Ballroom on the English coast, released in October 1940, just over a year after the start of WWII.
  3. The reason "Blackpool ballroom" became popular was because toe-tapping stuff was played there. Your comment makes little sense.
  4. The key word I think, is, entertainment. If it's not entertaining to the man on the street, then are they going to come? I find many an organist play for no one other than themselves and a few friends who may be attending. The audience can be often skipped over as some sort of by product, when really, they are the people you should be playing to, even if it is "low-brow" - the man on the street will think it high brow purely because it's an organ concert anyway.
  5. Saddening to hear this. My thoughts are with all those who work at Manders.
  6. This coming Friday 15th of May at 9pm BST (4pm EDT/1pm PDT/6am Saturday AEST) sees a broadcast of Nicholas Martin at the 3/19 Wurlitzer of Turners Musical Merry Go Round. Make sure to set your reminder to tune in!
  7. Still quite a number of people with cinema organs in their homes. The grand daddy of them all, for me, was Len Rawles Ex Empire Leicester Square Wurlitzer, which at 25 ranks, took up a space half as big as the house again. Lots of people build small extensions onto their detached or semi detached homes to make chamber space for smaller instruments.
  8. On Wednesday at 8pm (GMT+1) there will be a "live" broadcast concert with Simon Gledhill at the Opera House, Blackpool. This was recorded on the 25th of June 2016. Make sure to tune in and see the Worlds newest original Wurlitzer installation in action!https://youtu.be/pTaSBmAEzm0
  9. Something different to keep everyone sane during these times. Nigel Ogden at the new Empress Ballroom Wurlitzer with music from Erno Rapee and Lew Pollack.
  10. carrick

    David Clegg

    The Tower Ballroom Wurlitzer was installed in the Tower Ballroom in 1929 - hence my reference above to James Hodgetts FRCO taking the job there after being at the Empress Ballroom for 4 years. The image shown on Wikipedia is of the new organ and I can assure you that it is a pipe organ, and speaks through the grilles above the stage. The new instrument utilised the disused chambers that were constructed for the original Wurlitzer in 1934. Regardless of all that though, if possible, to find out more of the original Clegg/Cookson organ.
  11. carrick

    David Clegg

    Being involved with the newly installed Empress Ballroom organ in Blackpool, I find it sad there is so little documentation of the original organ installed by Clegg and its subsequent rebuild by Cookson under the direction of G.T Pattman in 1924. All there seems to be is a specification on NPOR, and some information a trusted source managed to dig out of his extensive archive which was all hand written copied information from newspaper accounts of the time. I've pieced together what I've managed to find out below. The first pipe organ in the Winter Gardens, Blackpool, was originally a
  12. What would be wrong with the "theatre organ people" having wind of it? A sale is a sale, you wanted to do it, so you cannot grumble about it, regardless of who is buying it.
  13. I have been using Zoom products for about 10 years now and they seem to produce a good result for the money. The live content I have created for YouTube have all mostly used a Zoom H4N or H2 placed somewhere in the room. The following video has sound recorded from a Zoom H2 placed around 100ft away from the chambers.
  14. Donald Mackenzie, among others, has recorded "Calling All Workers" on the ODEON Leicester Square Compton for his CD, "Donald and the Duchess"
  15. NIGEL OGDEN at the EMPRESS BALLROOM WURLITZER Nigel Ogden of BBC Radio 2 fame will be at the recently installed Wurlitzer of the Empress Ballroom, Blackpool, to perform the first organ concert in the venue in 50 years. For more information click HERE
  16. I'm not sure how many people on this forum will be aware of this, but it's certainly worth drawing attention to even if it is not in the UK. The American Organ Institute at Oklahoma University has been running for around 13 years and has grown considerably since those beginnings and teaches all manner of organ playing, be it classical, theatre or electronic. Alongside studying that, students also learn how to maintain/build those very instruments through the maintenance of some 100 pipe organs in the state of Oklahoma. It is also home to several archive collections which are of international i
  17. Horace Finch at the 3 manual, 13 rank Wurlitzer of the Empress Ballroom (A room larger than St Georges Hall in Liverpool) in Blackpool Winter Gardens with a selection of Harry Warrens music from the 1930's, played in Horace's individual style. https://youtu.be/cGBdQT7BlOU
  18. This may be of interest to some folks on here. Over the past couple of years I have been working on transferring my collection of Reg Dixon 78rpm's over to YouTube. I have some 500 in the collection, though some of these are duplicates (which have come in very handy!) , and I don't yet have all of his 78rpm output. As well as that, I'm also uploading what other organ 78rpm's I have, and may collect in the future.
  19. Another magnificent Live broadcast thanks to Dickinson Theatre Organ Society!
  20. Copyright is now 70 years, but anything released 50 years before the year that law was passed (2014?) is now in public domain. Tbh, if you haven't made your money out of a recording in that 50 years, it's not going to happen now lol.
  21. Hmmm, a Hammond in a big room can create quite a punch for what it is, it's still an impressive sound, though it might not be to everyone's taste, likewise for pipes too.
  22. "Regulator" is a common word in theatre organ terminology for bellows. Yes, you can just turn off the tremulants (and the Tibias).
  23. You need some rock solid regulators for that. Compton regulators behave themselves and can pull it off well, provided you don't use celestes or any tibias. Wurlitzers need a bit more care, as the regulators usually want bounce. I don't believe for one second that anyone can say they aren't a fan of theatre organs, it just takes for you to find the style of playing that you enjoy. That's the beauty of it!
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