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  1. I would dearly love to be as good an organist at 35 as he is at 92.
  2. St. John's College, Oxford, Saturdays 1730: 2010: 6 Feb. Wolfgang Zerer 22 May Jacques van Oortmerssen 6 Nov. Peter van Dijk 2011: 12 Feb. Hans Fagius 28 May Ben van Oosten 5 Nov. Ton Koopman
  3. Inevitable they might well be: this does not preclude them from being outstanding pices of music, which will particularly strike those hearing them for the first time!
  4. Have you read Gillian Weir's article entitled, I think, "Marshmallows and Lemon Juice"? (available on her website) She is wonderfully eloquent about just this topic (Foundations and/versus mixtures).
  5. This is too profound for me, Pierre! I know the problems with the Elgar (that it is orchestral and so on), but I can't honestly say that they impair my enjoyment of this wonderful work! Mind you, the title is "The greatest" rather than our favourite British organ work, so the Bairstow it is. However, for all that this is a very fine piece of writing and certainly one of the best, using the term "greatest" to describe it still seems odd. I would also like to echo pcnd in speaking up for the Harris sonata As for miniatures/smaller scale works: does anyone know the Parry Elegy?
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