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Clavierubung Iii

Colin Harvey

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Dear all,


I went to a concert the other night - a selection of choral music and parts of Bach's Clavierubung. The organist seemed to assert his belief that Bach may have improvised the Clavierubung as a response to the lutheran mass.


While the Prelude has French influences in its overture style, would we be right to wonder whether the French influence of use of the organ in a service went further, with a commentary from the organ loft on the parts of the lutheran mass, based on Chorales rather than plainsong, similar to French practice?



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Guest Geoff McMahon

I am not an expert in this field by any stretch of the imagination, but I have always suspected that Bach improvised many Choral Preludes as part of the Lutheran services and probably only got to commit a relatively small number of them to paper.


John Pike Mander

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