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  1. York Minster organ has been in the care of Harrison & Harrison for several years now. I understand the Minster are awaiting all the necessary permissions to be in place before they make an announcement, hopefully later this year. A lot of work and careful thought has gone into the best course of action for the organ; as many people will be aware there are many strands and considerations for this organ; musical, historical and how the instrument works in the building. There have been a number of experiments on the organ recently, mainly around returning the pressures back to their 1930s
  2. Thanks for the update Martin. I'm sure all of us would be interested to understand the rationale behind re-voicing this organ by Ruffatti. Would you enlighten us please? I played the new Tickell at Keble a year or two ago. I was very struck by the unashamedly romantic - if not orchestral - spirit of the organ. It's as though the style had gone full circle from Compton through GDB to Ken Tickell and here was Tickell building an organ that wasn't a million miles away from his grand-organ builders in John Compton! In particular, the orchestral reeds and strings of this organ impressed me with
  3. Here's the best video I've yet seen of Saint-Sulpice, showing off this organ's many incredible features, like the quadruple rise reservoirs, the barker lever stop actions. Also remarkable for its stunning aural recording and performance, this time of non French music, Mendelssohn's piano prelude and fugue in E minor, another stunning performance by Daniel Roth. https://youtu.be/1V2xhAdtodM
  4. One of the reasons the Tuba Mirabilis sounds so huge in the nave is because the rest of the organ has been so nullified by the drastically reduced wind pressures. The H&H primary great flues were originally voiced on a pressure of around 7-8 inches, at the time of your visit they would have been barely half that. The silly mixtures don't really get out of the case. From what I understand the high pressure flues weren't revoiced when the pressures were reduced, merely tuned! The enclosed solo tubas were down from 20 inches to about 6. I agree, the Tuba Mirabilis was so ridiculously out of p
  5. The Tuba Mirabilis is not in perfect condition at York Minster. Just to clarify, it isn't exactly horizontal; the boots and shallots are vertical, on top of the soundboard in conventional fashion. The treble pipes are heavily hooded to project over the parapet of the screen and the basses are mitred at 90 degrees at no great distance from the boot. The extreme bass pipes double back into the organ before being mitred 180 degrees to speak west over the screen parapet. A little more than the tuning scrolls have been disturbed on this stop! The stop was re-tongued, either in the 1950s Walker
  6. Many thanks Richard - look forward to seeing EHR! The new Ancient & Modern, published in March 2013, ought to be mentioned as an addendum to this topic. Our church adopted it and I found it to be an excellent hymn book for a middle-of-the-road Anglican church. It is an evolution from Common Praise. So called "Worship Songs" have a reasonable representation, with a generally sensible selection and there are many new words and texts set to more familiar traditional tunes which stimulated our thoughtful congregation. At the other end of the spectrum to the worship songs, feast days and th
  7. Bringing the topic back to its original subject, the Wanamaker organ has brass strips below the keyboards for operating the swell shutters. Wanamaker Organ Console Photo
  8. What is a "Cor de Chamois"? Is it The Voice of the Mountain Goat? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/chamois Or is it The Voice of a Porous Piece of Leather? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/chamois_leather And there will be a celeste of it as well! Of Course... An ethereal, heavenly mountain goat, or an ethereal, heavenly, shimmering piece of leather? The whole specification is such a mad confluence of nomenclature it's difficult to detect what's going on, or what the objective of it all is. But I'm sure the resulting organ will be Very Loud. Answers on a postcard please...
  9. At the risk of re-opening this hoary old can of worms, I'm reading "The Life and Works of Ernest M Skinner" by Dorothy J Holden - a good read. Skinner is a very interesting figure. Ernest Skinner visited the UK in 1898, where he met Hope-Jones, hoping to visit the new organ Hope Jones had put in Worcester Cathedral, which people had been raving about in the USA - in fact, this was one of the main purposes behind his visit. This is what he wrote about Hope Jones: "Hope Jones walked in on me one day while I was having lunch, after which we went up to my room and I showed him some of my p
  10. I thought some of you may like these videos, of Sietze de Vries's improvisations, at the Groningen Martinikerk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bk75PrwcTNU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtOvd22kppQ I've chosen these two as the tunes are quite recognisable to English-speaking readers but there are plenty more: the channel devoted to Sietze de Vries is here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Mr19740105 You'll have to wait a bit until the fugue on Ein Feste Burg but it's worth the wait. Although Sietze is quite often found at a British organ console during the school holidays accompanying
  11. *Hopefully* following on from the superb skills of Richard Hills on the 17th (which I would strongly recommend, along with sitting in the gallery to hear the Compton organ, where it sounds superb), I will be giving a lunchtime organ recital "down the road" a couple of days later. Christchurch, Freemantle, Southampton Tuesday 19 June, 1pm Colin Harvey Admission £4/£3 (I think - some paltry sum) William Walton (1902 - 1983) - Crown Imperial Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy (1809 - 1847)- Variations on "Vater unser in Himmelreich" - from Sonata No.6 (1st Movmt), Op.65 Thomas Adams I (1785
  12. Yes, I think you're right, re. the Trumpet - that was my impression too. I think it was someone like Peter Wright who's responsible for the survival of the Clarinet at Warminster. The (emeritus) organist said that they were going to throw it out but PW said it was worth keeping so they found space for it on the Swell Organ... Yes, I've come across some small organs where the only Great Reed is a Clarinet and the best examples are rather clever: Not only are they a Clarinet but they add to the chorus (with rather an exciting fizz) and I've known some where Clarinet 8ft + Principal 4ft give
  13. Radnor - yes, agreed about horizontal linen-fold panels. Warminster - yes, parts of this organ (great chorus, some of the flutes) are very pretty. I didn't get time to investigate what was what but I would just observe that by 1886, when Vowles first worked on the organ with a move from the West Gallery, they would have started to move to a thicker, more "Victorian" sound and, in any case, it's more likely that any Vowles material is going to be from their 1903 work. I recall the Great Trumpet (HNB 1960s), stands away from the rest of the organ rather uncomfortably and bits of it (one of t
  14. Agreed. I saw it recently and can attest that the 1792 G.P England organ case survives, although only the frontage really survives - the rest and and the console are long gone in previous rebuilds. IMO, Blandford Forum is now a far better example. I would say "recently rebuilt by Griffiths and Cooper" - it is more of an update of the HNB 1960s rebuild with a new console, E-P action, etc. There is little to do with historic restoration in the work on this organ - it is more a story of ongoing development to keep up with the expectations and desires of the organist to have an up-to-date orga
  15. Jos van der Kooy has released a recording of the Mendelssohn Organ Sonatas at the Bavokerk Haarlem, on the 1738 Mueller/ 1968 Marcussen organ: No.3 in A Major - 1st Movement No.6 in D minor - variations on "Vater Unser im Himmelreich" I think this is a CD I'm going to buy. The best recording I've heard of this lovely organ (captures the acoustic beautifully and yet is beautifully clear and faithful), faultess, indeed definitive, interpretation. http://www.challenge...duct/1225097294
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