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Alexandra Palace -ivan Barnwell's Book

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I am disappointed that the moderator should consider that I have contributed to any acrimonious debate relating to the Ally Pally theatre organ.

My original intention was to find out information not readily available to me, and I hoped that the moderator would allow this thread to continue under "Ivon Barnwell's book.

I feel that my messages have been courteous, and at no time did I mention the Willis organ other than in positive terms, even though I was more concerned with talking about the theatre.

For anyone to suggest that the restoration of the theatre is a waste of time etc is unfortunate and unneccessary, and perhaps I might have become a pro-theatre and an anti-Willis organ person, were I not so committed to both projects.

I have spoken to Fred Clarke but he is now 85 years of age, and could not really help, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed.

Once again my assurance that I have not attempted to upset anyone.

Colin Richell.

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