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French Baroque Registration

Pierre Lauwers

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Some days ago, I was asked about the diversity of the "Grand-jeu" registration.

A member of the french forum just made a compilation of several treatises, ending up

with this excellent 50+ pages Pdf file:




A must !





Very useful and very thorough scholarship.

Most helpful - please pass on our thanks, Pierre.



I was reassured to find that most of my favourite combinations are not inauthentic after all! The most famous rules (Dom Bedos) come from the end of this glorious period which sometimes seem to contradict what has gone before. In most cases, my theory is that Dom Bedos thinned traditional combinations out to maintain good winding - this would be obvious to him as an organ-builder but not to some of the players!

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The text has been updated as follows:


-Original text by Mersenne


-Original text by Sauveur added


-Text by Diderot/ D'Alembert added


-Two tables from a Bourges anonym added


-Three tables from Riepp added


-Bibliographic data completed


-Some complementary files added.







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All very useful and very neatly set out.


It's odd that Fenner Douglass is not mentioned (as there are other secondary sources in the bibliography).


For readers who prefer English see "The Language of the French Classical Organ" by Fenner Douglass, second edition 1995, Yale University Press. Copies are available from Amazon at £14.50.

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