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  1. I acquired a Tascam a while ago, and after reading the small paper 'get started' guide and the large download manual, it all seemed very complicated, so I started using it straight out of the box, and the results have always been very good. There are a lot of bells and whistles for those who like that sort of thing, but most of us can happily ignore them. Audacity is fairly easy, with most options best left alone. When I have wanted to analyse the detailed sounds of some pipes it is far from adequate, but I haven't found any better free software.
  2. Uniformly excellent? With each new release they seem to have reached the peak of excellence - and next time they surpass it.
  3. Last year Folo Paril told me of the problems that he had synchronising with singers, given the distance and the finite speed of sound. He told me that his negative delay system hadn’t worked well as he had hoped. He now has a far better arrangement, a detached wireless console which allows him to sit almost among his choir. Folo is never satisfied, and now, listening to the organ where he can hear it better, he is aware that the pipes in the treble speak sooner than the ones in the bass. He thought about the design of the pallets, aware that their perimeter was more important than their
  4. There is the legendary story of the gents toilet in a certain music school where someone wrote "What do you think of Stainer's Crucifixion" and someone else replied underneath, "It would be a good idea".
  5. There is a fine trailer for Bernard Foccruelle's recording of the complete works of Matthias Weckman (alias Weckmann) here. The booklet and other details, including samples, can be seen here http://www.outhere-music.com/en/albums/complete-organ-works-ric-348 There are details of his other recordings at http://www.outhere-music.com/fr/artistes/bernard-foccroulle
  6. I have opened a bigger can of worms than I expected. A lot of fascinating information has come forward, but no one has actually addressed the question that I asked, which was why the tracks on CDs sometimes have the chant first and sometimes second. I'n quoting Bernard Courdurier's recording from Albi, where each line below is one CD track,with the chants marked off by square brackets. (I know that less is known about the Messe des Couvents than the Messe des Paroisses). Plein Jeu, Premier Couplet du Kyrie [Kyrie] Fugue sur la trompette, 2nd Couplet du Kyrie [Christe] Recit de chromone [
  7. If we name the chants as “C” and the organ movements following as “O”, then to match the CD tracks to the liturgical pattern I would expect … | C2O2 | C3O3 | C4O4 | .. that is the chant precedes the relevant movement on the same track. Instead I find … O2C3 | O3C4 | O4C5 | … The only logical explanation that I can think of is that some people might like to hear the organ movements only, and can do so by skipping over the chant to the next track. The disadvantage is that if you want to pick a particular chant with its organ continuation you have to find the start point within a tra
  8. Thank you for that detailed explanation; I will read it carefully when I get home again this evening. I have come up with a theory for why the recordings don't seem to match the liturgy; more later!
  9. I have known the two Couperin Organ Masses for well over half a century, but for much of that time they were a puzzle to me. 21 beautiful movements in each, but how did this ragbag count as AN organ mass? At that time it was the custom for every performer and every recording artist to play only the organ movements. I later learned that the liturgical setting had originally consisted of plain-chant, but the custom changed so that the first line of the plain-chant was sung and the organist then continued with music based on that chant, often so that a knowledgeable member of the congregatio
  10. This is Psalm 150 (anonymous English organ piece, c.1680) played by Timothy Roberts. Does anyone know where the score is published?
  11. Willem Tank is working on a research project about the performance of Bach's music, and I think that this clip is a small part of it. I get the impression that he is well known for his performances of Bach, but none - or almost none are available on CD yet. I have copied the audio from this clip onto a CD and played it to several groups of people who are deeply interested in classical music, although none is an organ specialist. In every group one or more people have, unprompted, said that they have never heard a better organ or a better performance of this work. David
  12. Here's one unusual one; a video on which the organ blower is seen, but not the organist. A fine performance of Bach's Little Fugue, BWV 578, played by Willem Tanke, with a beautifully clear organ tone and very clear contrapuntal lines. ... and another unusual one. The organ in the small Dutch town of Zuidwolde is to be restored. The children of the village, led by the Mayor, process from the local organ builder's premises a few hundred yards away, to the church, and return to the workshop carrying the pipes.
  13. Like other DVDs from Kampen, this is excellent, in spite of one of the posted comments, "what is this organ tone called it has that evil sound? I think its when you pull all the stops". A Google search finds http://www.abweegenaar.nl/discography/order.html where there are two DVDs of improvisations, at 24.90 and 22.90 Euros, plus postage. With the aid of Babelfish I learn that one sends an order, and the supplier then replies by email stating the total cost, and giving details of their bank account. The goods are despatched after the money has been paid in. The problem that I have found
  14. I have just been watching the hokum war film, The Eagle has Landed. German commandos arrive at a Norfolk village (actually Mapledurham in Oxfordshire) to kidnap Winston Churchill. One of the commandos with a spare moment in the church starts to play the organ. There's a comment about Bach, but it seems that he was playing the film's theme. He returns to the organ later as the Americans storm the church, ignoring the old advice that one shouldn't shoot an organist who is doing his best. The exterior of the church is real, but the interior was a set which isn't a close copy of the real inter
  15. There's nothing new under the sun. About (because he was vague about his chronology) a century ago Charles Ives specfied the use of a piece of wood about 14 3/4 inches long in his Second Piano Sonata (Concord). If you enjoy other "non-traditional" uses of the organ, look out for Pneo by Daan Manneke, for example on DVD played by Jos van de Koy on the Muller Organ at Haarlem. http://www.crotchet.co.uk/artists/Jos%20van%20der%20Kooy
  16. It might be better to tell him to get someone else to cut his hair.
  17. I have just ordered Vol 1 (the DVD) from amazon.fr and they claim to have despatched it yesterday.
  18. SACDs are a problem for those of us who use a DVD player for playing CDs. Once that they have detected that there is a second layer they are unable to cope. One solution to this problem, if you have a computer with a CD reader, is to copy the CD (and it copies the CD layer only) onto an ordinary CD. Doesn't work if your computer has a DVD reader!
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