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Any Fundraising Ideas For Restoring A 19th Century Lloyd Of Nottingham?

Guest Stanley Monkhouse

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Guest Stanley Monkhouse

The folks in Middleton by Wirksworth (Derbyshire) are looking to raise about 15K to restore their organ (NPOR N00007). It’s a lovely instrument by Lloyd, built during the firm’s heyday, with a gentle tone that fits the building perfectly. It’s structurally untouched since it was built, apart from the addition of a blower (the handpumping mechanism still works), a tremulant and a balanced swell pedal at some stage. Tonally it is as built, and that’s how we want it to stay. Much of it is now unplayable simply as a result of wear and tear on the keys and the action, and there’s woodworm in the trunk from the blower. If it's put back into full working order, the organ could be an artistic resource for the southern Peak district in which there is nothing quite like this combination of organ, visual setting and warm acoustic environment.


Middleton is a small, quarrying village with limited funds but a good community spirit. We have already raised 3.5K, and I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has constructive suggestions as to grant-giving bodies that might contribute. Please contact me either by the board or email me on stanley.monkhouse@btinternet.com


To the Webmaster: sorry if this is not allowed: you will doubtless delete it if this is the case.

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Stanley Monkhouse (Curate)

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