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Artist Focus this week, 10.30-11pm. Perfect bedtime listening.






Speak for yourself, but I was working. It was quite a good night, with "The organist entertains" at 10pm (I felt rather lukewarm about it this week), followed by Mr Preston aboard the Klais at St. John's; heard somewhere between Northampton and Kettering.


The E minor "Wedge" was the big work, and as one expects of Simon Preston, it was a full-blooded performance, with definite hints of his romantic approach to Bach. I have to confess that I found it absolutely compelling from beginning to end, even if I found the Prelude just a shade on the quick side for my own tastes. The fugue was stirring stuff indeed.


It's Handel Organ Concerto time tonight, with Trevor Pinnock at the rostrum. That should keep everyone on track!



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